Air-purifying murals: Rome hosts the biggest in Europe!

There is definitely an artistic way of fighting air pollution: painting air-purifying murals! “Hunting Pollution“, a one-thousand square metre wall graffiti, was unveiled on 26th October 2018 in Via del Porto Fluviale in the Ostiense area of Rome. This “smog-eating” mural can purify as much air as a 30-tree forest. This graffiti has broken all records as the largest regenerative street graffiti in Europe. Hunting Pollution, the air-purifying mural The idea originated from the non-profit company YourbanHYPERLINK “https://www.yourban2030.com/” 2030 headed by Veronica De Angelis. As stated on their website, this company “uses art to launch messages on hot environmental issues…

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