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A ogni casa il suo caminetto, perché ogni stile è unico.
stufa a pellet ecofire linda palazzetti

AirPro System

Risparmia sul riscaldamento tradizionale:
grazie alla tecnologia AirPro un’unica stufa scalda più ambienti, gestiti in modo indipendente!

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Biomasses and deforestation: false myths about wood and pellet-fuelled heating

We often hear about deforestation and environmental sustainability problems but this terminology is often used improperly, generating confusion and leading to the wrong conclusions. Let’s try then to disprove some false myths and understand why heating with biomasses is a totally sustainable choice, both from a social-economic viewpoint and for the environment. Does burning wood and pellets for warmth destroy our forests? There is just one, simple answer to this question: it absolutely does NOT! On the contrary, choosing wood or pellet-burning stoves and fireplaces sourced from sustainably managed forests favours the conservation and protection of our forests as well as contributing to limiting climate change to the…

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How to cook on lava stone

Way beyond just grilled food: the Palazzetti barbecue offers you the opportunity of cooking on lava stone as well! This is one of the oldest and healthiest cooking methods there is. This stone is an excellent heat conductor and you can put it directly on an open flame. The end result is healthy because it doesn’t require the addition of condiments or fats. It’s also a versatile technique that can be used with any food. Fish, meat, vegetables, cheese or eggs: let’s look at all the advantages and tips to achieve perfect results. The advantages of cooking on lava stone…

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Vegan lentil burger with coleslaw and tsatziki sauce

Who thinks a vegan burger isn’t as tasty as the traditional version? We are sure of the contrary and want to shout it out to the world while brandishing our new entry in The Warm Street Journal cookbook: our super-tasty vegan burger.We have created it specifically to satisfy all kinds of tastes and culinary habits: including those of vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous friends. This veggie burger will make your taste buds dance to the rhythm of guacamole and tzatziki sauce. It’s a medley of explosive and amazing flavours that won’t make you miss the total absence of animal proteins from…

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The best balcony and terrace barbecues for an unforgettable grilling experience

It would be a real pity to miss out on the pleasure of a barbecue in the summer. The unmistakable flavour of grilled food, the laughs and the pleasure of spending quality time with family and friends. What can you do if the only space you have to spare is on your terrace or balcony?  Here are a few tips to choose the barbecue that best suits your requirements. Countertop gas barbecue Gas plancha grills are becoming more and more popular, especially in urban areas where outdoor spaces are decidedly small. Since it is less than one metre wide, a…

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How to cook pizza in a wood oven

Are you a real pizza lover? Did you try to make all kinds of dough during the lockdown and are now starting to feel like a professional pizza chef? In that case it’s high time to start really surprising relatives and friends: a barbecue using a wood oven is exactly what you need!  Why choose a wood oven? Your personal barbecue is a bit like a member of the family you are particularly fond of or a special friend: it’s always there on important occasions and during the most memorable days of the year. Each model has its specific features and assets…

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Green Good Design® 2021 award for our innovative Meghan stove

Our Meghan stoveis one of the winners of the Green Good Design® Award 2021! We can now add this prize to the previously-issued Ecodesign 2022 certificate as proof of the comprehensive innovation of its cutting-edge technology.  We would now like to tell you what this award is about and why this Palazzetti product has an authentically green soul. The Green Good Design® 2021 award The Green Good Design® award was founded on the collaboration between The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies to present the best new products – designed with…

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Meringue roll with cream, strawberries and pistachios

May is here again, together with Mother’s Day (in Italy, at least) and real spring weather. I am officially opening the doors to the time of the year I like best: the warm sun penetrates the bones and the soul, brightening even the darkest of thoughts. The scent of the sun and of new blades of grass fill the air andshort-sleeved tops reveal arms and shoulders. You start feeling like going on outings, riding your bike and preparing garden barbecues.Kitchen windows open up to blue skies while hands and hearts go to work on this meringue roll with cream, strawberries and pistachios…

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Instructions for perfect barbecue assembly!

Have you just purchased a cement barbecue? In that case, you are in the right place: follow our advice for perfect barbecue assembly! Where you should install your barbecue The first fundamental step is to choose where you want to install your new BBQ: you must have enough room to move around easily while you cook! For safety purposes and to allow the smoke to disperse, the barbecue must stand at a distance of at least 6 metres from trees, buildings or other vertical obstacles.   How to create a solid base To be long-lasting, your barbecue must stand on a…

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How to repair any cracks in your barbecue

Do you think spring is the most beautiful season of the year because you can use your barbecue again at last? In that case we are sure you have already started to think about cleaning and lighting your barbecue!  Oh dear, what’s that? Did you find some cracks that weren’t there last year as soon as you removed the cover? Don’t panic, we have the right tools to fix them Palazzetti’s special Easy Fix glue In the first place, rest assured that you haven’t been accidentally struck by bad luck: it’s totally normal for a cement barbecue to require ordinary…

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Saffron tortelli with Taleggio cheese, pears and black cabbage

For me Easter is the taste of fresh egg pasta. The scent of butter sizzling in a pan, the sparkling fragrance of saffron, the strong taste of black cabbage, the warmth of melting Taleggio cheese. Wonderful flavours and textures, all encapsulated in these saffron tortelli with Taleggio cheese, pears and black cabbage. A tasty vegetarian first course, perfect for festive days! An Easter-themed table setting (here are a few tips), the smell of fresh, wholesome food prepared by your own hands, the wonderful rays from those first warm spring days. Easter goes hand in hand with violets and daisies as…

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