Tradition paired with technology: the new Elsa wood-burning stove presented at Progetto Fuoco 2018 adds a new dimension to heat.

Tradition and classic beauty are often connected with the concept of a wood-burning stove: beauty, often without innovation.

Times have changed and a log fire now also means technology, high performances and efficiency. Our new Elsa wood-burning stove presented in 2018 embodies precisely these features.

A traditional design with a modern slant

A square shape with elegant details, sturdy cast iron feet and a coloured ceramic cladding: our Elsa wood-burning stove has a classic style with a touch of modern flair as well.

It will look perfect in rustic and modern settings alike, fitting in harmoniously with its surroundings or standing out for its individuality.

The firebox Ecopalex 66T Glass also gives you an excellent view of the flames because everyone knows that good looks are important.

How about the colours? Red, Beige, Light Mocha and Cream give everyone a chance to choose their favourite!

A wood-burning stove with a technological heart

Should you heat various rooms or opt for a wood-burning appliance? With Elsa there’s no need to choose between the two.

This technological wood-burning stove can be ducted so that you can distribute heat to various rooms for a distance of up to 20 linear metres (10 metres for each duct).

On the other hand, the combustion air can be ducted directly from outdoors to feed the fire without the annoying draughts often produced by typical air inlets.

In-coming air adjustment allows you to control the fire in the combustion chamber so that you can manage your stove’s heat output and consumptions. Efficiency and reliability make for a product that upgrades the innovative content of the entire category.

All this is available from your smartphone, i.e. fans and combustion air ducting can be controlled from the Palazzetti App!

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