Summer’s coming. What could be nicer than an outdoor lunch or dinner with friends and family? If you’re looking for a way to make your barbecues a bit more special, then you need the right equipment.

But how do you choose it? Find out with us if a brick barbecue is what you need and what to think about before you buy.

Types of brick barbecue

Brick barbecues are static structures made out of tough materials like cement mix and our Marmotech, an extremely high thermal resistance granulated marble mix.

There are different cement barbecue models to meet specific requirements.

Barbecue with or without an extractor

The first type have an extractor to make smoke management easier, making them perfect for slower cooking methods. The extractor helps direct smoke away from the cooking area, improving the experience for whoever is cooking.

By contrast, barbecues without extractors are more suitable for confined spaces like small gardens and terraces, and perfect for quick cooking methods. Their compact structure makes them easy to set up even in corners, without taking up too much space.

Barbecue con forno Antille

Barbecue with oven

If you can’t do without homemade bread and pizza at your barbecues, these models are the perfect choice. They let you prepare a whole range of dishes from focaccias to roasted vegetables, giving your outdoor kitchen additional versatility.

Barbecue with side or front burn pot

Choosing between a side or front burn pot depends on your cooking preferences. The side burn pot models are the perfect choice if you like slow cooking methods, which require embers. That kind of cooking requires patience but gives very satisfying results.

Models with front burn pots offer a more classic, versatile set-up, letting you cook on an open flame as well. For people with no time to “lose”!

Barbecue Levanzo con piano di lavoro aggiuntivo e modulo lavello

Modular barbecues

If your home has a large outdoor space and you want to create a full outdoor kitchen, the only logical choice is to go for modular solutions. Most Palazzetti barbecues can be combined over time, adding a gas hob, teppanyaki griddle, extra worktop space and even a sink, allowing you to cook with all the convenience of an indoor kitchen.

Benefits of a brick barbecue

Choosing a brick barbecue has various benefits, designed for the most demanding people.

  • Durability and toughness: the building materials used for brick barbecues ensure that they last a long time and offer superior resistance to atmospheric agents. This means that your barbecue will stay in excellent condition for years, regardless of climate conditions. Above all protecting it properly at the end of the season!
  • Stability and safety: because they are static structures, brick barbecues are more stable than portable models.
  • Customization: a brick barbecue can be customized to adapt to your garden or terrace perfectly. You can choose the material, form and size, integrating it harmoniously into the surrounding environment. With integrated modules, you can even transform it into a real outdoor kitchen fitted with every convenience.
  • Efficiency: many brick barbecue models have reinforced fireboxes/grill areas to withstand the heat released from the wood fire better. This increases the lifespan of the barbecue and ensures superior cooking quality.

If you are looking for long-lasting, efficient and attractive equipment for your barbecues, a brick barbecue is definitely the right choice. It will not only allow you to cook a vast range of dishes to perfection, it will also add a touch of elegance to your garden or terrace.

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