If you love barbecuing, you know very well that good cooking equipment, high quality ingredients and grill master level experience are not sufficient to create the perfect barbecue.

A fundamental, often underestimated element is the choice of wood for the embers.

This element can transform a simple barbecue into an unforgettable culinary experience, giving meat, fish and vegetables unique aroma and hints of flavour that make a real difference.

Let’s take a look at what kind of wood to choose for your barbecues, to get the best out of every occasion!

Why is the choice of wood important?

The type of wood you use to prepare the embers for your barbecue has a big impact on the final result.

Each type has different properties in terms of heat, duration and, above all, flavour. Hardwood like oak, beech and olive is the best choice to produce long-lasting embers and uniform heat.

It also produces aromatic smoke which enhances your dishes with extraordinary subtle flavours.

Wood types to avoid

Remember that not all wood types are suitable for the barbecue and some should be avoided completely. Wood with high resin content – like pine, spruce and larch – are complete no-no’s. They contain resin that produces thick smoke and an acrid flavour when it burns, which may ruin the flavour of your meat. They may also create high, uncontrollable flames, making it difficult to manage cooking.

Absolutely avoid reclaimed wood, for example, from old furniture, or wood treated with varnish and chemical substances. It may release toxic substances during combustion, contaminating your food and posing a health risk. Don’t usegreen or unseasoned wood either: it could produce excess smoke and uneven heat, making it difficult to achieve even cooking.

To every dish its wood

The choice of wood can be varied depending on what you want to cook. Here are some suggestions for matching the right wood with different types of meat and food:

  • Red meat: opt for wood like cherry, beech or oak when cooking steaks. These wood varieties produce aromatic smoke that works really well with the robust flavour of red meat, adding sweet, complex notes.
  • White meat and fish: wood like olive and peach are perfect for these dishes. Their light, sweet smoke won’t overpower the delicate flavour, but just adds a pleasant, refined hint.
  • Game: walnut is an excellent choice for meat with a strong flavour. Its thick, slightly bitter smoke really enhances the intense flavour of these meats, creating perfect balance.
  • Vegetables and cheeses: maple and laurel are great for smoking vegetables and cheeses. Their sweet, delicate smoke adds an aromatic hint without smothering the original flavours.

Experimenting with different kinds of wood can open up a whole new world of culinary possibilities. For example, using Sangiovese grapevine wood can add a unique, complex flavour to meat, perfect for refined palates.

Choosing wood for a barbecue is an art form that requires attention and knowledge. Go for hard, well-seasoned wood. Avoid wood with resins and experiment with different wood species to elevate your barbecues to a higher plane.

Above all else though… you need an excellent barbecue! Visit our online shop or find your nearest dealer to embark on your quest for the perfect barbecue.

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