Specific functions are required to suit the space available in homes and the habits of the people living there: that’s why we have created different heat distribution systems.

Our Air Pro System technology lets you quickly warm up various, adjacent rooms without significant building work by using ducts. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to cut the costs of traditional heating while still enjoying the practicality of programmable operation.

Here are a few fundamental guidelines to follow for an efficient ducting system:

  • use a smooth, insulated tube;
  • keep it as straight as possible (each 90° bend corresponds to approximately one metre in length);
  • ensure the rooms are properly aired (fit vents in the walls or in the doors).
tecnologia air pro system stufe a pellet palazzetti

Air Pro System technology

Our Air Pro System satisfies the most demanding hot air ducting requirements because it can even heat entire homes.

This technology features two or three separate fans on the same stove, depending on its power, that can be controlled independently to convey hot air to various rooms.

All new generation 9 and 12 kW power Palazzetti stoves come with APS2 (Air Pro System 2) or APS3 (Air Pro System 3) respectively.

Air Pro System 2

Two fans, one in the room and one situated in the rear duct, convey heat over a distance of up to 14 linear metres (with an 8 cm diameter duct).

The power of the rear fan can be adjusted directly from the digital touch display.

Air Pro System 3

Three fans, one in the room and two in the rear duct, convey heat over a distance of up to 28 linear metres, 14 metres for each 8 cm diameter duct.

In this version, the power of the fans can be adjusted by means of two knobs that independently control the two ducting branches.

Both versions feature the possibility of connecting an external thermostat to each fan which, depending on the temperature reading in the room to be heated, turns the fan of each branch on or off independently.

Stoves featuring this technology offer particularly flexible heat diffusion and distribution.

On the one hand, they allow extensive ducting unparalleled by other pellet stoves on the market; on the other, they are all provided with the Zero Speed Fan option by which it is possible to turn off the fans altogether so that the stove can heat by natural convection. This technology drastically reduces noise emissions by excluding forced air ventilation in the room.

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