We have been talking to you for years through our social media channels. A small dose each day allowing you to enter our world, telling you about our products and technologies, sharing our customers’ photos and following the Palazzetti Tour throughout Italy and beyond.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, where everything goes by so quickly and each post lasts just a few seconds, we felt the need to create a different and more personal meeting place where we could do some mental relaxation and be inspired.

And that’s how version 2.0 of The Warm Street Journal came about, the magazine that has accompanied our retailers since time immemorial.

Its online version will be a little different because it won’t just be about us.

What you’ll find is advice about the home, from interior design to party decorations, including some ideas that will put DIY enthusiasts to the test. You’ll discover mouth-watering recipes and table decoration tips to make you the ultimate host.

There will also be informative articles, ranging from ecology to technology, to keep you up to date with all the latest developments.

Finally, there is Palazzetti’s 360° World, because a product is not only the sum of its parts and their uses, but also the result of those who work day in day out to improve it and to understand what the needs of our individual consumers are.

Ready to immerse yourself in our world? Let yourself be drawn into the warmth of home!

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