Welcome back velvet!

Everyone knows that fads are cyclic, fickle and – sometimes – unpredictable. They can abandon a colour, shape or material for no apparent reason. Something that looked as if it would be around forever is all of a sudden replaced by something everybody disdained but now makes an extremely stylish comeback.

That’s what happened to marble furnishings and to the 50s style, and talking about clothes, how about the bell-bottom revival – hated by many – or of the animal print style? That’s how it is with fashion and design. We have two choices: we can either predict new trends and anticipate them or just wait around and see what happens. Manufacturers are obliged to make predictions but luckily we design lovers can just sit back and enjoy the surprise! And a surprise it was when after years of cold disaffection, velvet appeared again! It came back forcefully and unpredictably and established itself precisely where it used to lord it in the past. But there is a big difference between velvet’s old, pompous baroque style and this new version: new velvet is vintage but never stale!

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Velvet for interior design in 2018

Velvet is an authentic, new, contemporary trend; one of the materials designers and interior decorators prefer. Why? Because it is plush, tactile and changes colour; it has a sheen, is exciting, timeless and more modern than ever before!

Delicate perhaps; in fact, one thing is certain, sooner or later it will show signs of wear and tear! But that’s nothing to worry about. Because, as you probably know, velvet can never be considered as worn, it never thins or becomes ruined. It just looks “interesting”: anything too new would be decidedly ungainly! The latest manufacturing technologies have, however, made it much more hardwearing than it used to be so that we can now find sofas, armchairs, cushions, upholstered beds, wallpaper and all sorts of coverings made entirely of……velvet. A vintage soul transformed into pure, contemporary style: warmer and more interactive than minimalism, more sensual than industrial, trendier than leather (that it goes with so well), more practical than shabby chic, more but…..less too. Less snobbish than you would think, less difficult to look after, less formal than it used to be. We love it. Because it makes you want to touch it, because you can stroke it like you would a cat’s fur.  Because it is now available in bright, iconic colours: ruby red, teal green, mustard yellow, yellow earth, royal blue but also in fuchsia, sea blue, rust brown, navy blue, sage green, purple, blueberry……. Velvet is all you need to add character to any room. Historically a symbol of prosperity and prestige, the ultimate aristocratic material, it has been made over to become more broad reaching. It has crossed the boundaries of fashion and entered the home so quickly that we have hardly had time to feel surprised! That’s velvet for you. You either like it or hate it, love it or ignore it.  Which, to tell the honest truth, nobody does nowadays. Welcome back velvet!

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