Until just a few years ago wallpaper was considered somewhat out of fashion, but recently it has become a real must-have in interior decorating. Interior design magazines offer an almost infinite variety of wallpaper: the secret of its success? Let’s find out now, along with some advice on how to use it to achieve a more summery atmosphere.

The success of wallpaper

The good thing about this type of decorating is fairly easy to understand: in a very short time, without too much fuss and without spending too much you can radically change all the rooms in your house. And we do mean all of them, because you can even find waterproof wallpaper on the market, ideal for furnishing every wall of the bathroom, including the shower! You can choose from every possible colour and design, from the most outrageous to the more subtle. There are only two rules in making the right choice: follow your own personal taste and don’t deviate too much from the style already present in the rooms (unless you plan to change that as well, of course!). If you’re planning to revamp some of the walls in your home to give it a more summery feel, here are a few ideas. carta-da-parati_ombre

The best choices for summer

If you love strong imagery and design and summer invokes something of a jungle mood in you, then you could cover an entire wall in the living area with wallpaper with outlines of bold green palm leaves, just like in the cover picture. This type of decoration goes particularly well with brightly coloured furniture. The same type of leaves can give a totally different effect to a house furnished in a more subtle and elegant style. By going for stylish black and white, as in the image above, this beautiful geometric pattern will give you the impression of shade during a hot summer’s day. carta-da-parati_geometrie In general, to give your home that fresh feeling, it’s best to choose cool colours: water green geometric patterns like the waves of the sea, or the patterned profile of a mountain range. You’ll be able to experience a sense of equilibrium and relaxation not just on holiday, but in your own home simply by choosing the right wallpaper. carta-da-parati_montagne

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