Old friends like velvet upholstered furniture or fire clay tiles: the word that describes 2018 furniture trends is definitely vintage.

We’ve already mentioned the great comeback of velvet one of this year’s interior decor trends. We would now like to focus your attention on flooring and wall tiles.

Vintage tiles: a fashionable classic

Italian Cementine tiles – a name that originates from cement , i.e. the material they are chiefly made of – are composed of various layers.

The original version has a bottom layer consisting of a paste made of cement and water and a top layer made of marble dust, hard minerals and natural pigments.

This type of tile started to be fashionable amongst Italian aristocrats towards the end of the 19th century when they use to decorate floors and walls with their geometric and floral motifs.


2018 cladding trends

This year, these tiles are enjoying a great comeback as an interior design trend, contributing to modern interiors with their refined decorative effects reminiscent of vintage atmospheres with colours and shapes that are always contemporary.

Cementine tiles are perfect for a multitude of rooms, ranging from the kitchen to the bathroom.

They can discreetly decorate a small portion of the wall or – when used as floor tiles – become the focal point of any room.

The optical effect achieved by these tiles does not depend on their décor alone: their classical square or playful hexagonal shapes also contribute to creating an endless array of possible patterns.

cementine - Ladyfire Set Ischia

From vintage tiles to a total look

The atmosphere created by these decorative vintage tiles – as well as by similar majolica tiles – is also reflected on many other interior design elements and objects for a very colourful and modern total look.

These colourful geometric patterns can be found on tables where they appear on tablecloths, plates, cups and coffee cups, but also on soft furnishing designs including bed and bathroom linen, sofa cushions and living room curtains.

The preference for colours and atmospheres typical of the seaside can also be found on more important pieces of furniture such as wardrobes and cupboards or even on wood-burning stoves: this is true of Lady Fire Ischia, the modern stove with a vintage design.

A style reminiscent of Mediterranean atmospheres and relaxing marine scenes: perhaps the success of these vintage tiles lies in everyone’s yearning for a seaside holiday?

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