We have long since moved on from the preconception that vegetarian = side dish. Or at best some pasta with tomato sauce.

The Italian culinary tradition is rich in veggy recipes, some of which are true cornerstones of our culture at the table.

You just need to consider, pizza and aubergine parmigiana (vegetarian) or artichokes alla giudia and panzanella (vegan). We are certainly not talking about restrictions with such delicious dishes!

So organising a vegetarian barbecue is not an impossible task (nor is it without taste); it just requires a little extra foresight.

Starting from what to put in your shopping basket, don’t forget:

  • vegetables to grill or eat raw
  • dips, sauces and spices to add flavour
  • cheeses, again to be cooked or eaten directly
  • bread, different types

Everything you would buy for a classic meat barbecue or a more delicate fish or seafood barbecue.

So let’s begin with starters. If it’s very hot, you can go for very simple raw vegetables sticks, such as carrots and celery, served with a variety of dips. If the weather is milder, you can forget your diet and go for something less light, such as pumpkin flowers in batter or mozzarella in carrozza. First courses are usually skipped in favour of more substantial main courses.

So what to have as your main course? You can never go wrong with kababs: you can make them with vegetables alone or intersperse them with cheeses suitable for grilling, such as Tomino, Scamorza, Caciotta or semi-mature Montasio.

If you want to challenge yourself and impress your guests, you can try our vegan burger, made with lentils, quinoa and chickpea flour, flavoured with vegetables and dressings.

Bread, pizza, focaccia or any other kind of bread you like, as long as there is enough for all your guests! You can buy them in bakeries or try your hand at baking: discover the recipe for pizza in a tray and Puglia-style focaccia topped with cherry tomatoes.

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