Respecting the environment is easy if you have chosen a Palazzetti stove or fireplace to heat your home. Do you apply the same sustainable approach to other areas of your life? Today, we would like to give you some advice on how to use less plastic by adopting a few, simple good habits: a small step towards an (almost) plastic-free life!

1. Stop using plastic bottles

Say yes to bottles, jugs and pitchers.

Your tap water is healthy to drink and very well tested which means it is totally safe (just ask your Town Hall for further information). Nevertheless, it can sometimes be too hard or have a bad smell which reminds you of disinfectant. How can you remedy this? The easiest thing to do is to pour your tap water into a glass bottle and put in the fridge for at least one hour; you will notice that any undesirable deposits will collect at the bottom of the bottle.

Alternatively, you can use a water filter jug or (for serious cases) a home water microfiltration system.

Are you often away from home? In Italy there are plenty of drinking water fountains,  most of which are specified at this link.

2. Say no to throwaway products

Throwaway plastic straws, bags, plates and cutlery have been prohibited in Italy since January 2022 but they’re not the only things we could do without or use more efficiently.

Take a packed lunch for instance: containers with lids are the most convenient choice but they are often replaced by plastic or aluminium ones. However, few people know that some of these containers (especially if they are made of PPE) can be washed and reused several times. Always read the label on the box!

3. Say yes to unpacked products

Fruit, vegetables, detergents and personal care products: many of these can be purchased loose, at the fruit and vegetable market or at specialised “zero waste” shops.

When you buy unpacked goods you are limiting the use of packaging materials (plastic, but also paper), reducing waste and the impact of each product on the environment.

Do you have any personal tips to lead a plastic-free life? Tell us about them in your comments!

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