Summer has been with us for a while now, bringing its warmth and sunshine with it and… the long-awaited holidays! For many of us this is the time to do a bit of extra house cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of the summer holidays with fast and effective cleaning of your home! Just remember though, to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day, to avoid sweating (literally) buckets!


Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used the arrival of summer to clean and dust their homes thoroughly, especially objects and furniture which would be put away until the arrival of the following winter. It’s a good idea to heed their advice: so away with rugs, duvets and winter blankets. Give them a good wash and dusting and dry them outside allowing the sun’s rays to disinfect them naturally. Our grandmothers were well aware of the power of the sun’s heat in killing germs and dust! Once done, you’ll be able to put away those heavy curtains and winter clothes and forget about them for the coming months. pulizie-estive-consigli

Your wardrobe

This is the time to do away with those clothes that you haven’t worn for a while and concentrate on washing and reorganizing the clothes that you really want to keep and that make you feel good. Take your favourite coat to the dry-cleaners and get rid of those worn out sweaters that you know you won’t wear again. Take the opportunity to donate things which you no know longer want to the needy or arrange an evening with your friends and give them some interesting clothes for next winter. While you’re at it, clean out those dark corners of your wardrobes and drawers which are usually a bit inaccessible at other times of the year. Cleaning is not just about germs and bacteria, but the old and superfluous too. Eliminate the unnecessary as well as the dirt. By doing this you can create a peaceful and comfortable environment in which to live, which will lighten up your summer even more.

Clean what you need

At this time of year the good weather and the long days are perfect for cleaning the things you’ll need for the summer such as the garage and the garden path. Do you have a balcony, terrace or veranda? If so don’t forget to move your plant pots and clean the area underneath them as well as poles or supports holding up any awnings you may have. Don’t neglect steps and railings and take care to observe any specific cleaning requirements they may have depending on what they are made of. This is probably also a good time to freshen up your garden furniture such as benches, chairs, loungers or tables so that you can enjoy your outdoor evenings in peace and tranquility. If you prefer to stay inside with the air conditioning on, away from the unforgiving sun, don’t forget your air-conditioner: the filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly!

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