With colleagues from the international trade press (and others), at Palazzetti’s for a much-anticipated presentation: as eagerly awaited for as ever.

An invitation which speaks of the future, growth and a positive outlook, especially these days, has to be welcomed.

And so, here I am, punctual as clockwork, at 1.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 20th February, at the headquarters of Palazzetti per Te in Pordenone. The company is presenting an innovative project, on the theme of domestic heat, comfort, and above all – environmental protection.

Since we are dealing with Palazzetti, which, as we well know, is a historic brand in biomass heating, we could only be dealing with fire. And with fire you don’t joke. You innovate.

The presentation is not predictable, fascinating though for sure. Because it’s one thing to talk, tell and describe… quite another to experience.

And it seems that here, I and the numerous other journalists present, from many Italian and foreign newspapers, are called upon to experience daily life with fire, which warms, cooks, comforts, accompanies, amazes, predisposes to conviviality, and so the list goes on.

I had no idea that even simple everyday activities, such as reading a book, listening to a story, enjoying a sweet treat with a cup of good coffee, in front of the fire or stove could become so special.

And this is coming from someone like me, not very prone to romanticism and very attentive to substance, someone who appreciates the practical and functional sides of things first.

Here I have found stoves and fireplaces that are easy to manage, even remotely as modern life now dictates. I discovered that, perhaps thanks to technology, flames make everyday life better.

Oh yes: better, I cannot find a better word.

Thus, in total comfort, experiences and presentations, explanatory videos and research, truly relaxing experiences and surprising content, alternated.

It was an afternoon full of experiences and new discoveries. Everything is now clearer. We are here to give voice to Palazzetti’s commitment to the environment, its promise to participate decisively in the realisation of the European Green Deal, to be the first zero-emission continent in the world. Palazzetti, with its LIFE Green-Stove Project, is a piece of this ambitious goal.

We are here to be part of a chance given to the future. I almost get excited. But I don’t. I get back on track. Because this is the moment when heat technology is presented in its most concrete form: a journey into the world of hydro biomass and all the novelties of air biomass. In other words, everything you need to know about domestic heating, whether you intend to use your stove to heat domestic water and the water in your radiators, or whether with pellets you want to heat the air in the rooms of your house.

A choice that becomes a gift to the world. An incredibly easy way, even more practical than you might think, at the same time super-efficient, sustainable, economical. A way to make the future grow well.

And does this seem like nothing to you? Because among the many pieces of information we have received, one is essential: renewable sources, wood first and foremost, are the solution. There is no alternative. Everyone here already seems to be ready for tomorrow.

There are still a few surprises waiting for us: we discover the exclusive design of Palazzetti’s claddings, tailor-made because they are made to measure according to the customer’s requests and, therefore, absolutely unique. I think: I want that too.

And on this thought the music. The great composer and pianist Remo Anzovino, unconventional and innovative, and an example of ethical awareness and humanity. Perfectly in line with the sense of innovation and commitment that pervades this first day of the Palazzetti presentation.

The afternoon passed in a flash. Time for dinner. Altogether, to continue talking, recounting, feeling part of something and already imagining what to write as soon as we return home, to the editorial office, to the world.       

I will say that Palazzetti technology is ready for tomorrow. And at this point so am I.     

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