We take care of the past to give the future beauty.
We at Palazzetti love to invest our efforts in restoring historical artworks to their former splendour. We would like to tell you about our project to restore the Monumental Fireplace of the Hall of the Swiss Guards in the Royal Palace of Turin. We started out on this path in 2007 in Venice, restoring 4 fireplaces in the Doge’s Palace.

We preserve fragile beauties

We have chosen fireplaces because they are our focus and because they tell us about the way art and handicraft work have evolved into the marvels that still reach us today from the past. We invest resources and skills to the precise aim of preserving the beauty and techniques belonging to these artworks. Our founding values include taking care of the things that are irreplaceable and precious for mankind, i.e. the environment and art. We have a social responsibility towards future generations, our community and our nation.
La facciata del Palazzo Reale di Torino
The façade of the Royal Palace in Turin. Foto © Ste73ve

The Monumental Fireplace of the Royal Palace of Turin

Many architects and artists contributed both to building and decorating the Royal Palace of Turin – which started to be constructed in 1661 – and to beautifying its halls with extraordinary decorations down through the centuries. The Monumental Fireplace is located in the Hall of the Swiss Guards, i.e. the largest room (23 x 15 metres) and the one with the highest ceiling (18 metres) of the whole building. This incredible work of art, dating back to the 17th century, embodies the most refined historical technology and skills with its amazing multicoloured marble and the cherubs that adorn its sides. Three Roman Emperor busts sit at the top and you can admire a slab bearing the Savoy coat-of-arms inside the fireplace as well as precious 19th century andirons in wrought iron. The beauty of this artwork tells us about impressive historical genius, innovation, handicraft work and wisdom and deserves all our attention and the professionalism of the best restorers. la-cornice-del-tempo-torino The artistic restoration work will end in February 2020 when the Fireplace will be handed back to the community in all its original beauty. We have chosen to enthusiastically sponsor this restoration because Italy deserves all our attention and everybody’s best efforts to protect its territory and its art. We are convinced of this and will continue to move forwards towards this goal.

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