How do you want to decorate your Easter table? Spring is (hopefully) here to stay and we can say goodbye to the dark, deep colours typical of winter and welcome in brighter, pastel shades. Easter lunch is usually a lot more relaxed and less formal than the Xmas meal. This leaves more room for the imagination, especially if you decide to celebrate with your friends. An Italian saying: “Xmas with family, Easter with whom you please” sums this concept up perfectly! We have the perfect recipe; all you have to do is lay the table.

What colours should you use for your Easter table?

We suggest light, pastel colours. Sage green and candy pink are reminiscent of meadow flowers, a few touches of magenta add contrast and soft yellow is typical of Easter.

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Would you like to recreate a younger, more original atmosphere? Add a few splashes of gold here and there: an egg, a detail on a plate, napkin ribbons or cutlery.

Choosing your dishware

You can never go wrong with traditional white dishware. It’s the best choice if you want to use lots of decorations on your Easter table! You can liven it up a bit and show it off to its best advantage by adding a plate in a contrasting colour; choose from decorated or coloured ceramic or, as shown in the above photo, an original place mat.
You can’t stand white plates? No problem, colours are always well accepted, as long as they are stylish. What colours? Well, your favourite of course!

Easter table decorations

Have you already taken a look at our tips to decorate your home for Easter ? In that case, it’s time to focus your attention on the table. There are two important things to think about: placeholders and a centrepiece.
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Although its name is quite explicative, a placeholder doesn’t necessary have to be named (look at the wonderful Easter craft above). It can even be a small object to put on each guest’s plate!

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Centrepieces come in all shapes and sizes:  they can be minimalist and rustic, like the one shown above, or huge like an enormous bunch of flowers! The secret – as always – is to strike the right harmony with the rest of the table. Choose the one best suited to your style and to what you have decided to serve your guests!

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