In an era of virtual tree planting, the birth of Palazzetti Park is evidence of the strong bond which exists between our company and the natural world. Chiara Palazzetti explains here how she came up with such a green idea! I’d seen it every day, for years, leaving work: an enormous open space of earth and gravel, empty and unused. Then, one spring day, I was there, lost in my usual thoughts and as always torn (isn’t every mother?) between not wanting to neglect my work or my daughter, between staying back just to finish something off and going home to take my three dogs for a walk (yes there really are three…). That day, for some reason, I leave the office and see the usual empty space, but something snaps. Maybe I was thinking about my daughter, about dogs, I don’t know, but I see green. I see lawns instead of gravel, scented trees and flowers everywhere, I see a park. A real one. For all of us who work here in this great and exciting company (but not only). An oasis in our busy days, a place where you can catch your breath before you need to concentrate again. Where you can have lunch under the shade of a tree in summer and enjoy the sun’s precious rays in winter, where we can have a coffee with a client or enjoy some food with colleagues at the end of the day. So I thought that in a world where you plant virtual trees, planting real trees (much larger companies than ours have actually already done so …) is simply innovative; it is going against the tide in a market in which investments are seen only in terms of their financial return. The creation of a park can therefore be viewed with suspicion. In some ways this is to be expected, there isn’t an economic indicator to measure the return on this investment, but at Palazzetti we don’t just talk about economic interests. By now everyone knows that a happy workforce is a more efficient workforce and if there was ever a company that could put this idea into practice it was Palazzetti. And that’s a fact! parco-palazzetti_spiazzo-verde And then there is another aspect of this project that excites me: the slowness. Yes, because a park can’t be made from one day to the next (this, given its size, will be a long job …). It takes time and a lot of patience, because trees have to grow. We can just look, wait and in the meantime take care of them. I find that this slowness is splendid compared to the supersonic speed of our frenetic everyday lives. The slowness reminds us, I hope, that every project, to be complete, requires its own time, whether it be little or a lot: does that seem banal? Well, I don’t think so. I would like us to bring our children (and our families) here, to see how the plants in the park are doing, I would like us to see them grow a bit every year, just as our children grow: not too quickly so as to miss the best of every season. The warmth loved by nature. Then we’ll be able to say:  Palazzetti loved by nature.
Dedicated to our families, our company and to all of us, who work hard together.

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