Why so many thanks? And most importantly; thank you to whom?

Such a huge number, 7, 850 billion, that appears in the title, corresponds to the population of the planet. We imagined that each one of them could be grateful to those who purchase a fireplace or a latest generation stove. Even better if it’s a Palazzetti product, whose priority has always been to safeguard the ecosystem.

Those who decide to heat their homes with a latest generation Palazzetti pellet stove or fireplace not only say no to fossil fuels, but also choose an optimal daily comfort and a healthy living environment, advanced digital technology and constant and increasing savings over time.

Using renewable energy sources, such as pellets and wood, means making a contribution towards energy decarbonisation and reducing CO2 emissions and moving towards zero greenhouse gases. Basically, something big. A fundamental commitment to achieving carbon neutrality.

For all these reasons, we wanted to give the planet a voice, with a global thank you. We think people deserve it, we think trusting the new biomass systems represents an important shift in mindset.

We feel a responsibility to offer innovative, future-oriented solutions to this new energy vision.

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