Here we go again! The most magical time of the year is back, with all its lights, decorations and songs.

Xmas is all this and much more. It’s a reassuring certainty that comes back year after year, similar yet slightly different each and every time. That’s because, just like fashion, tastes and habits, Xmas celebration trends change as well.

What can we expect this year? Let’s explore the 5 trends for Xmas 2021 together!

1. Focus on ecological decorations and gifts

Eco-sustainability never goes on holiday, especially at Xmas. The festive season is the ideal opportunity to make even more carefully pondered choices when deciding what decorations to buy or when you go shopping for presents.

Gift boxes are one of the biggest problems at this time of the year because they are often made of plastic materials and are sometimes filled with pieces of polystyrene to make them look bigger. Yet, gifts can look just as stunning if you use natural, ecological materials to wrap them up with. For instance, you can use recycled paper and create very refined decorations with objects found in nature such as pinecones, twigs and berries.

Many shops have already chosen to offer eco-friendly products and packaging but remember that, in the end, it’s up to you to check.  Your personal choice can really make a difference.

2. Give experiences

Xmas presents often end up becoming the umpteenth, useless and space-consuming object in a home.

That’s why people tend, ever more frequently, to opt for giving an experience rather than a material object as a present. A trip to the mountains, a moonlit hike wearing snowshoes, a wine-tasting session for instance: there are so many options to choose from to offer an unforgettable gift.

3. Rediscover DIY

Another green and creative experience is to make something yourself.

Some people have more experience than others but everyone can find a great variety of tutorials online to help them make unique creations. If you are looking for some ideas to decorate your festive table you can read our article:  5 homemade centrepieces for Xmas and the New Year .

4. Enjoy the warmth of your home

Xmas 2021 will be a time of authentic rebirth. Now we know that spending the holidays with our loved ones is a privilege we should never take for granted.

This will be an opportunity to organise family lunches and dinners, enjoying the warmth of home to the full, perhaps huddled up on your sofa in front of a beautiful Palazzetti fireplace.

5. Nostalgic decorations

A longing for home and for family is also reflected in one of this year’s Xmas decorations trends: the nostalgic style.

The more vintage the decoration the better: and, if you manage to find something in grandma’s old trunk, it will be a really unique and totally waste-free solution.

Everything is ready; now all we have to do is start the countdown and … Merry Xmas!

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