2019 is almost here and, if you are planning to renew your home, it’s high time you start to find out about this year’s interior design trends. We have identified five basic ones; i.e. a selection that will look fresh and new for longer than just one year.

In the photo: the new cladding for Palazzetti’s Miramare stove


Well-defined lines, just a few, carefully chosen embellishments and well-organised spaces: minimalism is definitely one of the styles to keep in mind when choosing an interior design trend for 2019. It is usually paired with warm shades and natural fabrics, as shown in the photo above.

Shades reminiscent of precious stones or pastel colours?

There are two basic colour trends for the new year: for some, 2019 will be the year of shades that imitate precious stones (like yellow, ruby red and emerald green) whereas pastel colours (like sage green and mauve) will lord it for others.

According to Pantone, the Colour of the Year in 2019 will be Living Coral, a shade that seems to want to compromise between these two trends:  who will win?

The  EcofireHYPERLINK ® Brian stove by Palazzetti is modular and lets you add bookcase modules to suit your needs.

Compact, multifunctional units

Apartments are getting smaller and smaller while demands are progressively increasing. For 2019, choose compact, minimalist and – above all – multifunctional products. A stove featuring bookcase modules, a table with hinged flaps that can become a worktop and a wall-hung TV that becomes a picture when turned off.

Floral prints

Goodbye chevron prints and trellis patterns: in 2019 flowers are back, damasked for cushions and tone-on-tone to decorate kitchen upstands. You will also find flowers on dishes, glasses and rugs: we have been expecting this comeback of a style in fashion in the 50s for some time now.

Brown leather

In 2019 leather will take the place of velvet, which was all the rage in 2018. You will see leather in every shade of brown, but even in paler shades, and it will cover sofas, poufs and armchairs.

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