Don’t dare call it a coffee table: the living room occasional table is much more than a mere set-down surface.

Although it’s one of the smallest pieces of furniture in the home, it should never be underestimated. No matter how apparently insignificant, a small occasional table can end up significantly changing the style of your living room.

Palazzetti, Ecofire® Maida  pellet stove

Why it’s important to choose the right occasional table

Living room occasional tables are often underestimated.

When furnishing a new home, they are one of the last items the owner thinks chooses. And yet we often feel that a living room is not complete without a coffee table.

And for a very good reason. Coffee tables often stand in front of the sofa which is a central position in the living room.

If we consider the living room to be the room in the home with the greatest traffic, a coffee table can be likened to the hub of a home.

Its importance should not be underestimated even if it stands next to the sofa.

Coffee tables are also priceless surfaces to set objects such as vases, photo frames or candles on.

They are also essential when used as shelves to stand any of the objects we use daily on, such as magazines, books, laptops and even trinket trays we empty our house and car keys into every day.

In the winter they are really handy to hold the cups of hot tea we sip on while sitting in front of the fireplace or stove (and we know what we are talking about:   “”® Palazzetti

What to keep in mind when choosing an occasional table

There are many and varied living room coffee table designs and, of course, the choice depends on the style of your room.

So, what rules should you follow to choose the right model for your living room? The answer is really simple: take a good look at your room and study the three main features of any coffee table, i.e. its height, configuration and functionality.


1. Height

Coffee tables come in an endless array of heights.

The latest trends, confirmed this year too, favour very low coffee tables that are just a few dozen centimetres above floor level. This will let you enjoy a perfect, full view of the television and – if you sit in front of it – of the fireplace too.

2. Configuration

What’s best, a single coffee table or one made up of various parts that, combined, create a structure? The latter is usually preferable for large spaces in which elements of different heights add movement and interest to the room.

3. Functionality

Some coffee tables conceal unexpected drawers and compartments  A particularly interesting trend for this year consists in wire coffee tables that are usually designed to be see-through.

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