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How to care for your houseplants in winter

We have now left the warm sunny days behind and autumn is also drawing to a close. Just like us, houseplants need to be cared for differently during the winter season to protect them from the cold or – in some cases – the excessive heat in certain rooms. Here are a few tips for protecting your houseplants in winter! Controlled and constant temperature Most houseplants are tropical and therefore require a temperature close to 20°C. Obviously it’s not possible to maintain this temperature 24 hours a day, either because it wastes energy (especially if you are out of the…

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How to protect plants from the cold: the Coldiretti handbook

Has the temperature plummeted before you could get ready for it? If the plants on your balcony have also reacted badly to this sudden change, you’re in the right place to solve this problem. Let’s follow all the right tips to brave the winter and protect our plants from the cold! Before revealing our tricks to preserve your plants even in the face of the iciest frost, we suggest you check out all the ways you can heat your home. The Palazzetti website showcases a full array of fireplaces, pellet and wood-burning stoves with a great focus on energy savings. Discover…

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