Vegan lentil burger with coleslaw and tsatziki sauce

Who thinks a vegan burger isn’t as tasty as the traditional version? We are sure of the contrary and want to shout it out to the world while brandishing our new entry in The Warm Street Journal cookbook: our super-tasty vegan burger.We have created it specifically to satisfy all kinds of tastes and culinary habits: including those of vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous friends. This veggie burger will make your taste buds dance to the rhythm of guacamole and tzatziki sauce. It’s a medley of explosive and amazing flavours that won’t make you miss the total absence of animal proteins from…

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How to cook pizza in a wood oven

Are you a real pizza lover? Did you try to make all kinds of dough during the lockdown and are now starting to feel like a professional pizza chef? In that case it’s high time to start really surprising relatives and friends: a barbecue using a wood oven is exactly what you need!  Why choose a wood oven? Your personal barbecue is a bit like a member of the family you are particularly fond of or a special friend: it’s always there on important occasions and during the most memorable days of the year. Each model has its specific features and assets…

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Hamburger al barbecue con bun agli spinaci e cipolla caramellata la ricetta da fare in casa
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Barbecued burger with a spinach bun and caramelized onion

A barbecued burger cooked to perfection is like music. Its composition requires patience, dedication and passion. And when these qualities come together, they inevitably give life to a dish that releases emotions. A hamburger made with a spinach bun and caramelized onion will generate unforgettable emotions with a little love and attention, ingredients cooked to perfection, and wonderful aromas. So how do you prepare the perfect barbequed hamburger? MEAT. This should be beef, finely chopped but not minced, with a balance of neck, sirloin and brisket. Ideally it should be knife-cut and not with a machine. In addition, to maintain…

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Polenta with gorgonzola and sausage: how to use left-over polenta.

Do you have some left-over polenta and some sausages from your last barbecue as well? In this case let’s transform them into a dish that comes straight from my grandma’s recipe book: sandwiched polenta with gorgonzola and sausage. I love the summer, but autumn has a lot to say for itself too. It brings with it the cathartic reinstatement of the right priorities through the warmth of a newly-lit fireplace and a mug of hot chocolate held between your hands. Autumn is a gentle and invigorating coolness that strokes your face and instils new, fresh thoughts in your mind: a…

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Quick deep-pan pizza – our recipe for professional results!

Dedicated to all of you who think they can’t make homemade pizza because it doesn’t rise properly or they don’t have time to knead the dough for hours on end. Our mission today is to make you change your mind, which is why we want to show you how to prepare a quick, deep-pan pizza that guarantees perfect results and is disarmingly simple. Remember the perfect pizza that beckons to you from the baker’s window every time you pass by? Well, by following just a few, simple steps you can find in the recipe below you will be able to…

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