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Improve privacy on your balcony, terrace or in the garden with plants (and privacy screens)

Have you ever noticed prying eyes while relaxing on your balcony or enjoying some fresh air in your garden? Unfortunately, when homes are close to one another, especially in the city, it’s difficult to escape the gaze of neighbours or passers-by. Sometimes it isn’t even a question of curiosity or being too invasive. Our eyes are simply attracted to people moving about. How can we improve privacy in these outdoor areas? A privacy screen is the most rapid solution. Whether it’s a tall panel with wooden slats, a mesh grille, a trellis or bamboo canes…there are plenty of options to choose from,…

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Equiping your garden with sunshades and umbrellas to stay cool (in style) even during summer

A breeze in your hair, rays of soft filtered light, a country landscape to help you escape from reality for a few hours. All great if you live in a place where temperatures never exceed 25°C: heat is our main enemy in the summer season. In summer, to really enjoy the garden, patio or balcony, you need to find ways that allow you to shelter from the sun. It certainly wouldn’t be viable to move the air conditioner outside (it wouldn’t be very eco-friendly either!), but thanks to sunshades and garden umbrellas we can reduce the temperatures slightly. Natural colours…

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Open-air living rooms, an outdoor home

Do you have an outdoor space that you want to enjoy to the fullest, making it an area of al fresco relaxation? Whether it’s a beach house, a country villa, or a town house with a garden and a swimming pool, a large terrace or a small balcony, a “garden lounge” is the perfect solution to make your outdoor space a meeting point with friends, family, guests or to enjoy alone, in peace.

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Five tropical plants for an out-of-this-world garden!

Whether it’s a grey morning in the middle of autumn or a sunny afternoon at the hight of summer, we’re sure that at least once in your life you’ve dreamed of being in the Tropics instead of at home. There may not be a way to stop day-dreaming about strolling along a tropical beach at sunset, but there is something you can do to turn your garden into a small tropical paradise, and that is to choose the right plants. Obviously it won’t be quite the same as taking a holiday in an exotic location, but if catching a plane…

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