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Sphere Forest, our green breathing space dedicated to the world

Loving the environment has always been in our DNA. When we talk about “the heat that nature likes”, we’re not just talking a lot of hot air. We truly believe that and, every day, we work hard to create sustainable products with the future in mind. A clear example of that is LIFE Green-Stove, an ambitious project which will see us launch a highly-efficient pellet stove that manages to drastically reduce emissions, due on the market by 2024. This is our contribution to even greener heating, in line with the European Union’s zero impact climate goals. This year, we decided to…

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Water/air stove: what you should ask your dealer

Are you considering buying a pellet stove that can heat the water of your heating system and your domestic hot water as well? When talking about central heating stoves there are a few important technical aspects you should consider: find out from this quick guide what you should ask your dealer to determine which product is right for you. 1. The difference between rated power and water heat power Rated power is all the heat transferred from the stove to the environment, both by water and by radiation or natural convection. On the other hand, water heat power is all…

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THANK YOU, 7.850 billion times!

Why so many thanks? And most importantly; thank you to whom? Such a huge number, 7, 850 billion, that appears in the title, corresponds to the population of the planet. We imagined that each one of them could be grateful to those who purchase a fireplace or a latest generation stove. Even better if it’s a Palazzetti product, whose priority has always been to safeguard the ecosystem. Those who decide to heat their homes with a latest generation Palazzetti pellet stove or fireplace not only say no to fossil fuels, but also choose an optimal daily comfort and a healthy…

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The Palazzetti 5.0 App is here at last!

The Palazzetti 5.0 App has finally arrived. This update makes it even easier to use our products every day; for instance, when you need more information on the warranty, technical assistance or literature.  More importantly, it opens our digital eco-system up to all those who own a Palazzetti product but have not used our Connection Box to connect it. What does all this mean exactly? Find out with us! What’s new with the Palazzetti 5.0 App? The Digital Booklet is the core feature of our new release. This useful tool makes all your stove or fireplace literature readily available without…

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Dispositivo My Cli-Mate Palazzetti appoggiato su un ripiano in legno scuro
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My Cli-Mate, your partner for an ideal temperature!

“Alexa, turn the heat down!” If you’ve got a Palazzetti pellet stove, have installed the Connection Box properly and own an Alexa device you probably indulged in the practicality of voice commands last winter. But did you know you can have even more than that? Thanks to My Cli-Mate you can automate hot air fan control to achieve the perfect temperature in every room. Let’s find out more together! What is My Cli-mate Palazzetti and how does it work? My Cli-Mate is a small temperature sensor (just 8 cm in diameter!) with a modern, minimalist design capable of connecting to…

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The best balcony and terrace barbecues for an unforgettable grilling experience

It would be a real pity to miss out on the pleasure of a barbecue in the summer. The unmistakable flavour of grilled food, the laughs and the pleasure of spending quality time with family and friends. What can you do if the only space you have to spare is on your terrace or balcony?  Here are a few tips to choose the barbecue that best suits your requirements. Countertop gas barbecue Gas plancha grills are becoming more and more popular, especially in urban areas where outdoor spaces are decidedly small. Since it is less than one metre wide, a…

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