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How should we design an outdoor kitchen?

Are you thinking of buying a barbecue or creating a proper cooking area in the outdoor space of your home? Well you’re in the right place! Fun, good food and fresh air: grilling is one of our favourite times of year. The enjoyment of good food becomes a group activity, with laughter, new recipes and – often – some unwanted advice from those who like to wear the chef’s hat! But it becomes more difficult if the barbecue is not functional or the outdoor kitchen space is poorly organised: too many trips back and forth into the house and poorly…

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How to plan a kitchen to suit the spaces available

The island: the ideal kitchen for authentic chefs Another type of kitchen that is really popular, especially for those who are authentic chefs at heart, is the island kitchen. The only catch is that this kitchen can only be installed in large rooms in which the cooking area then becomes the focus of the whole layout. When planning this kitchen, particular attention should be paid to the utility systems that should ideally all be located under a baseboard above which a false ceiling should be built for the cooker hood. Just choose the best layout for your kitchen so that…

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