Tendenze Natale 2021
Festive season and easter

All the magic of Christmas in five different trends

Here we go again! The most magical time of the year is back, with all its lights, decorations and songs. Xmas is all this and much more. It’s a reassuring certainty that comes back year after year, similar yet slightly different each and every time. That’s because, just like fashion, tastes and habits, Xmas celebration trends change as well. What can we expect this year? Let’s explore the 5 trends for Xmas 2021 together! 1. Focus on ecological decorations and gifts Eco-sustainability never goes on holiday, especially at Xmas. The festive season is the ideal opportunity to make even more…

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palazzetti stufa meghan natale
Festive season and easter, Home

How to choose the perfect Christmas tree

The flames crackling merrily in the fireplace, a soft blanket on the sofa, a hot chocolate in your hands. What is missing from this perfect winter scene? Obviously the Christmas tree! Are you changing yours or buying one for the first time? If you’re looking for an artificial tree, there are plenty of options on the market: have a look at our tips for choosing the ideal product for your home! 1. How big should your tree be? The size obviously depends on the space available in the room, not only in terms of area but also height. You can also…

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caminetto a legna sistiana palazzetti
Festive season and easter, Home

A home high on Christmas spirit!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rockJingle bells swing and jingle bells ringSnowing and blowing up bushels of funNow the jingle hop has begun ? Feel the Christmas spirit in the air yet? Well, it’s time to bring it into your home and make your holidays magical! The living room: where the Christmas tree reigns Phase one obviously starts from the common space par excellence: the living room. Have you got your Christmas tree ready yet? Traditional, minimal or original and unconventional: everyone has their own style and this is the right time to show it off! Is there anything…

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Festive table for Xmas and New Year celebrations

Xmas and the New Year are preceded by a variety of lunches and dinners dedicated to exchanging the Season’s greetings. Decorations and festive table settings have a great role in creating the right type of magic, typical of the last month of the year. So, how should you decorate your festive table? Let’s take a look at some tips to make the precious moments you spend with the people you love even more special. How to decorate your Xmas table Xmas is a special time to gather the whole family around the table, even those members who live far away…

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