caminetto a legna sistiana palazzetti
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A home high on Christmas spirit!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rockJingle bells swing and jingle bells ringSnowing and blowing up bushels of funNow the jingle hop has begun ? Feel the Christmas spirit in the air yet? Well, it’s time to bring it into your home and make your holidays magical! The living room: where the Christmas tree reigns Phase one obviously starts from the common space par excellence: the living room. Have you got your Christmas tree ready yet? Traditional, minimal or original and unconventional: everyone has their own style and this is the right time to show it off! Is there anything…

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Festive table for Xmas and New Year celebrations

Xmas and the New Year are preceded by a variety of lunches and dinners dedicated to exchanging the Season’s greetings. Decorations and festive table settings have a great role in creating the right type of magic, typical of the last month of the year. So, how should you decorate your festive table? Let’s take a look at some tips to make the precious moments you spend with the people you love even more special. How to decorate your Xmas table Xmas is a special time to gather the whole family around the table, even those members who live far away…

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