It’s never easy to choose flowers for the summer. This doesn’t mean that all the plants with the best scents and colours stop blooming in the spring but it’s important to make the right choices and follow some tips. Would you like your balcony to be full of flowers and look beautiful all summer long?   In that case, you’re in the right place to find out how! fiori per l'estate - piante da balcone

The most resilient summer flowers

Your best bet is to choose plants that continue to bloom after spring until the end of the summer, such as:
  • reflowering roses
  • petunias
  • surfinias
  • calibrachoas or million bells
  • zonal geraniums
  • Parisian geraniums
  • dipladenias
  • lantanas
  • gerberas
Since they flower for an even longer period of time, the following plants are called annual:
  • solanum
  • convolvolus
  • gazania
  • scevola
  • marigold
  • begonia
  • impatiens
  • Chinese hibiscus
  • bougainvillea
  • delosperma
  • dimorphoteca
fiori per l'estate - balcone fiorito

How to pamper your plants

Each plant has its own needs and taste which is why the first rule for a beautiful flowering balcony is to resist the temptation to treat all your plants the same way: each requires its own, specific care. Nevertheless, there are some basic rules that must be applied to all the potted plants on your terrace:
  1. Do not underestimate the importance of the soil: it’s a good idea to change the soil every year.
  2. Each plant has its own preferences in terms of exposure to the sun so you must put them where they will get the right amount of light and shade during the day. A position facing south is usually the best but remember that it’s best to protect your plants during the hottest hours in the summer.
  3. The temperature of the water is also important: never use cold water for your plants because the difference in temperature compared to the soil may create such a profound thermal shock as to stop the roots from growing. For this same reason, it’s best to water your plants in the morning or evening when temperatures are at their lowest and the soil is not too hot.
  4. When they start flowering it’s a good idea to treat your plants with specific fertilizers to give them vigour and prolong their beauty.
  5. Generally speaking, plants are creatures of habit which means that they tend to react positively to constant care and one serious mistake can cause damage that is difficult to remedy.

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