Do you love the rustic style, as well as industrial furnishings? Then the latest trend in the world of interior design will literally drive you crazy: this is the right time to welcome rustrial into your home.

The meaning of rustrial style

As the name suggests, rustrial comes from a union of two different styles. Rustic has been an evergreen since time immemorial, but industrial has of late become a constant feature in design magazines.

The result is a blend of these two trends: from here we get the rustrial style, which satisfies all tastes, from the more classical to the contemporary.

How to transform your rustic style home

If you already have a rustic house, with exposed brick walls or a number of natural wood features, you can make some changes simply by adding some iron or steel accessories.

Vintage furniture will take on a whole new meaning with an industrial touch. The important thing is to choose a well-balanced and subtle layout: think about integrating your new purchases with your existing furniture and not simply adding them.

Some advice on how to make it even more rustrial? Consider your lighting: have a number of different light sources in your rooms to create a really warm and welcoming effect.

How to transform your industrial style home

Do you have an industrial style house? Bringing a Rustrial style to your existing furniture, by simply integrating a few new features, is a great way to breathe new life into your home.

As an example? Try matching a natural wood table with the metal chairs that you currently have or add other slightly vintage design features. Let your imagination run free and and you’re ready to go!