Patches of Mediterranean scrubs, a long beach that starts from the mouth of the Tagliamento river, cluster pines that alternate with houses in one of Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s most famous holiday resort areas. 

Today’s project takes us to Lignano Riviera, the calmer, more family-oriented “sister” of the livelier Lignano Sabbiadoro in the province of Udine. A haven surrounded by greenery a stone’s throw from the beech where you can create your own, small space paradise amongst the pines.

Probably the intimacy created by the trees – almost a natural wall that separates you from the rest of the world – was one of the reasons that convinced the owners to create an outdoor kitchen that is totally different from the style of the surrounding houses.

Masonry work, marble and tiles for a tailor-made outdoor kitchen

Natural materials, soft colours, handmade decorations, the appeal of bygone days: the Provencal style is quickly recognised even by the least expert eye.

The owner fell in love with this style during a trip to France and decided to recreate the same atmosphere in her seaside holiday home.

Keyword: uniqueness.

A project designed by the owner herself in which every detail has been chosen with care to create the outdoor kitchen of her dreams: 30m2 of Provence in the heart of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Practical open shelving compartments have been made in the masonry base for pots and pans and other kitchenware.White lacquer creates a contrast with the brown colour of the base structure, beautified by the Deruta ceramic tiles.

The traditional style of Perugia, reminiscent of the more famous Sicilian majolica tiles, is also picked up by the upstand: an elegant decor that fits in perfectly with the marble top..

The top itself is a single marble slab from which the sink with its copper tapware is also obtained. Natural stone – which already embodies refinement and elegance – is thus further elevated, giving the arrangement an antique touch.

Two cooking methods courtesy of a fireplace and a griddle

Where’s the barbecue in this outdoor kitchen?

In brief: there isn’t one.

The long answer is: it’s been replaced by a griddle and a fireplace which allow for a vast range of cooking options while preserving the refined style of the patio.

A tailored solution resulting from progettazione puntuale in affiancamento agli esperti Palazzetti.

For light, wholesome and tasty dishes, a gas griddle has been chosen with a Palazzetti Bioplatt soapstone slab.  In fact, this material lets you cook your food with no added fats because it stays non-stick even at high temperatures.

It’s also very easy to clean, a great advantage in a holiday home where your main goal is relaxation!

On the other hand, for traditional barbeque grilling, you can use the fireplace which is of course also a Palazzetti product: it’s perfect for summer barbecues and fantastic to heat the patio on chilly autumn days as well!

Palazzetti’s professional planning service: an unmissable opportunity!

Are you thinking of creating or renovating your outdoor kitchen but don’t know where to start? It’s really easy to request Palazzetti’s planning service:  just fill in the form at and we will get back to you!

You will be helped to choose the best product to suit your needs, your home and your budget.  Remember: our modules can be added to over time, for an outdoor kitchen that evolves to satisfy your requirements!

Request the planning service!

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