How many different types of cooking do you think of when you hear the word barbecue? The grill is obviously the standard method for cooking on a bbq but you should know that with the right accessories you can have fun and use your bbq in many other different ways: today we’ll have a look at the spit!

A few tips for cooking on a spit

We’re talking about a method of cooking that makes food tastier: it is more of an effort but the results definitely make it worthwhile! Traditional spit cooking takes place in the glow of an open fire and can last for anything from half an hour to several hours, depending on the type and size of the piece of meat being cooked. What generally comes to mind is chicken on a spit but in fact almost anything can be cooked in this way, including large fish (such as sea bass, amberjacks, groupers, etc..). Before embarking on cooking something too complicated, we recommend that you do a few tests with a simple chicken: this way you’ll be able to work out the right distance from the flame, exact cooking times and the size of fire that works best. Another thing you mustn’t forget when spit roasting is to secure the meat onto the spit well using pins and mesh so as to avoid it falling off during cooking. cottura-allo-spiedo_palazzetti_bbq_miami

Not all spits are the same

The actual spit, as in an electrical device with a handle or counterweights that move a rod (made of stainless steel), needs to be the right size for the weight it’s going to support. For your first “technical tests”, a cheap battery-powered spit is fine, but after that look for a more professional spit with the manufacturer’s details clearly shown on the motor. Cutting corners on quality at this point is of little use; there’s no point being left in the lurch by a poor quality spit just as your meat is about to be cooked to perfection. Try to choose a spit which can be raised or lowered to the flame as required.

Palazzetti rotisseries

There are a variety of spits available for Palazzetti barbeques:
  • Standard electric rotisserie. With steel rod, equipped with 2 forks to fix the food and facilitate its rotation, it offers a substantial capacity of up to 5.5 kg.
  • Lux electric rotisserie. With steel rod, drip-pan and 8 metal skewers as standard, with distance from flame adjustable. Maximum capacity 6 kg.
  • Professional electric rotisserie. Self-supporting, it is equipped with two square stainless steel rods of 8 mm x 66 cm and a stainless steel drip-pan. Equipped with two motors that can be operated individually or simultaneously. Maximum capacity: 15 kg.
  • Self-supporting electric rotisserie. An adjustable electric roasting spit, perfect for Émile and Remy barbecues.

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