Loving the environment has always been in our DNA. When we talk about “the heat that nature likes”, we’re not just talking a lot of hot air. We truly believe that and, every day, we work hard to create sustainable products with the future in mind.

A clear example of that is LIFE Green-Stove, an ambitious project which will see us launch a highly-efficient pellet stove that manages to drastically reduce emissions, due on the market by 2024. This is our contribution to even greener heating, in line with the European Union’s zero impact climate goals.

This year, we decided to go one step further, and leave our mark on the world. To create something that will endure in time and improve the lives of many.

We have started planting our own forest in collaboration with Treedom,  Yes, you read that right: an actual forest!

Over the next 3 years we will plant 3,000 trees, creating little green spaces in Kenya, Cameroon, Madagascar, Colombia, Ghana, Ecuador and Tanzania. White mangroves, banana trees, avocado and cacao trees, cashew trees and many more: each area has its suitable tree species.

A huge forest that will be developed in several parts of the world, which we have decided to call Sphere Forest.

The name we chose perfectly expresses the spirit that moves us. A sphere is absolutely the perfect form: with no corners or interruptions, it has neither beginning nor end, just continuous motion.

It is the shape we immediately associate with the world in which we live. It is the form that best represents the circular economy, which we believe in sincerely.

A sphere that moves, renews itself, helps the environment and lays the foundations for a greener future, in every sense!

Trees currently planted for the Sphere Forest project. An updated map is available at this link.

The Treedom project

We choose to collaborate with Treedom because it is much more than a project for “simply” donating trees.

The creation of small and large-scale agroforestry projects helps to improve the sustainability of ecosystems, fighting against deforestation, desertification and soil erosion, while protecting biodiversity and helping absorb CO2 around the globe.

The proposed business model also has social and economic benefits with deep impact: the populations of rural communities are actively assisted in a concrete way, with direct loans and training for everyone involved.

The trees and their fruits belong to the farmers, who are therefore able to diversify and supplement their income, with the aim of developing micro-businesses.

The initial sum serves to support planting and caring for the trees in the first few years of their lives.

Planting each tree helps everyone, from the tiniest insect to a newborn baby thousands of kilometres away. Every plant is the start of a better tomorrow.

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