For it to work properly, it’s essential to service your pellet stove. We are about to shed light on some important aspects so that we can answer some of our customers’ most frequent question.

What do we mean when we talk about servicing your stove?

Servicing refers to all the actions required to guarantee your stove continues to be safe and function properly over time. It also keeps the system efficient.

Servicing biomass appliances is mandatory by law and is governed by a regulation and by the instructions provided by stove manufacturers in their User’s Manuals. This  regulation provides a check list of all the things the engineer must do and, at the end, a form must be signed and given to the customer.

According to Italian law, i.e. Italian Ministerial Decree (DM 37/08stoves must be serviced by a qualified engineer. May we give you some advice? Choose the best and go to an authorised Palazzetti After-Sales Service Centre. Click here for a complete list.

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What does the message on the display mean?

This message doesn’t prevent your stove from working, it’s just a reminder to you that it’s time to service your pellet appliance! After the buzzer has sounded the stove will carry on working as usual.

The frequency of the message greatly depends on how often you use your stove: obviously, the more you use it, the sooner the message will appear. It is also true that, since it doesn’t block your stove, you can always wait until the end of the winter and make an appointment with a qualified engineer to service your appliance in the spring.

By servicing all the components you can be sure that they are fully efficient and that the stove itself works safely and efficiently as well.

The User’s Manual contains rather strict instructions on the need to service your stove: all manufacturers must pay the utmost attention to everything that can guarantee and preserve the proper operation of an appliance over time.

Enea, (the Italian Energy Efficiency Agency) within the scope of the information and training activities carried out by the Ministry of Economical Development has created a guide for operating, monitoring and servicing heating systems: click here to download it.


Robert johnston

06 December 2022 - 21:10

i have an older palazzetti pellet stove here in umbria italy is there a firm that will service this stove

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