We can’t all afford to live in a mansion, especially if our home is in the centre of town. A small living room is a feature of many Italian homes which is why it is important to furnish it to the best possible advantage.

Did you know that by applying a few design tricks (tasteful ones!) you can make your living room look bigger?

Here are our tips: very easy to follow, even on a low budget!

Choose just one colour

Let’s start from a fundamental aspect that should be kept in mind every time you choose furniture for a small living room: colour.

This is one of the many cases in which choosing a single colour is a winning approach all across the board: choose one colour and then mix and match all its various shades.This will prevent you from “suffocating” the room while creating a decidedly original interplay of volumes.

Natural shades and greys are always perfect but, if you want to be a bit more daring, check out this season’s trend-setting colours.

Hang very little on the walls

Too many objects can make the room look cluttered and you almost claustrophobic. If you have a small living room, it’s best to play with empty spaces:choose just a few paraphernalia and only one decorative object – that fully reflects your lifestyle – to hang on the wall.

stufa a pellet salvaspazio ecofire Denise, ideale per salotti piccoli
The Ecofire® Denise pellet stove has a shallow depth, it can be installed with its back against the wall and it has a mirrored glass door: the perfect choice for those who want to furnish a small living room.

The importance of proportion

What furniture should you choose for a small living room? In this case you should faithfully adhere to the principle of Occam’s razor:  the best solution is the simplest one. Therefore, if your living room is small, use small furniture or at least furniture that is in proportion to its size.

Study the space available carefully and choose the sofa, the TV cabinet and anything else you may need accordingly. How about the stove? Space-saving models (such as Noah and Denise) are ideal thanks to their shallow depth.

Vertical glass and mirrors

Reflecting surfaces make spaces look larger, especially if fitted on vertical arrangements or facing a source of natural light (i.e. a window).

Play with textiles

Do you think rugs and curtains make spaces look smaller? In that case you’re wrong.

If chosen carefully, especially if in light colours, they can create small areas in the room that make it look larger. Choose curtains in light, translucent fabrics and rugs that cover the whole floor area in front of the sofa: even the most discerning eye will be fooled!

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