How can a room be renovated while paying attention to today’s functional requirements yet preserving yesterday’s memories? We asked engineer Maria Giacomina Musci who shared her T House project located in Bisceglie, Apuglia with us.

Her clients’ request was quite a challenge for her: they wanted to renew the living area without replacing the existing furniture.

Due to the presence of a kitchenette facing the dining/lounge area, before undergoing its transformation, the living room – a single space – was somewhat undefined and lacking in functionality.  The focal point of the room was an old fireplace which was no longer in use due to a faulty draught system.

The idea for this project was born from studying the spaces and the owners’ requirements. It was decided to link the two areas together by means of a functional peninsula which provides kitchen storage space and a worktop.

Since one of the requirements was to preserve the furniture, its style was given a more modern appeal by applying new, marble-effect cladding to the kitchen splashback and to the worktop of the new, functional peninsula.  This idea made the whole room look brighter while giving it an aesthetic makeover.

As already mentioned, the pre-existing fireplace (that wasn’t working) was the hub of this space:  it thus became the main focus of the new living room project as well.

The owners wanted a functional, designer piece to heat the room: this requirement lead to choosing the Ecofire®  AC70 pellet firebox insert by Palazzetti. Thanks to its double air ducting system, this firebox can heat the living room and the adjacent hallway leading into the bedroom area.  It is also a very technological model that combines top performances with low emissions for a heating system that respects the environment!

To match the fireplace with the design of the room, we chose to clad it with maxi slabs in fire clay and to install a custom-made tall shelving unit in iron next to it. This creates a contrast in colour between the warm shade of the cladding and the dark colour of the firebox and of the tall shelving unit.

A new false ceiling has been designed to house the air ducting system which – supported by an accurate lighting project – gives the entire living room a new appearance without altering its main features.

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Designer : Ing. Maria Giacomina Musci
Year: 2021


Ing. Arch. Maria Giacomina Musci
Via Al Fuheis 23, 76011 Bisceglie (BT) 

Facebook: MGM
Instagram: @mgm_inarc
Archilovers: Maria G. Musci

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