Being environmentally conscious has always been part of our DNA. Our goal is to create increasingly efficient and sustainable products that offer high performance while using a minimum of fuel and reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Choosing the right stove, however, is not enough: loving the environment means making a commitment through all our small everyday actions, even the most (apparently) insignificant ones.

Today we focus on cooking: how can we reduce food waste? Here are some tips.

1. Organise fridge and larder according to expiry date

We often let products expire because we don’t see them and, as a result, we forget their expiry date. You can limit this problem by tidying up your fridge, freezer and larder as best you can, always keeping the most perishable products clearly visible.

2. Make a shopping list

What do you need and how much? To avoid buying in excess, prepare your shopping list before you leave home: this will reduce impulse buying.

3. Make the most of offers on products about to expire

More and more supermarkets and grocery stores are offering products close to expiry at a reduced price. If you can use them, take advantage of this opportunity: you will save money and help avoid waste at the point of sale.

4. Learn how to store food better

Fruit and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet but are often left to rot due to poor storage: to keep your fruit and veg at its best be careful about where and how you store them, especially in terms of temperature.

Also equip yourself with fridge or freezer containers in order to store leftovers from lunch, dinner or breakfast.

5. Try out new creative recipes to recycle food

What to make with that last bit of cheese or the last bits of onion in the fridge? Give your imagination free rein and try not to throw anything away. We start with our polenta pasticciata, perfect for using up the leftovers from the barbecue.

6. Put food scraps to use

A lot of kitchen waste can find new life if used cleverly. Coffee grounds mixed with neutral detergent help degrease frying pans, dried citrus peels become home essences and banana peels make excellent compost for the garden.

In short, it doesn’t take much to make a difference!

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