Have you noticed? Something is changing and no one wants to be left behind anymore. After Earth Day and the huge focus achieved by demonstrations across the globe in highlighting the need to protect our environment, Italy is also taking strides in the race to save our Planet. Legambiente has come up with the idea of a friendly competition between communities, local authorities and individuals, who have achieved the best results in waste management. Starting from the waste you produce, to the investments you make for the future; it is clear that change comes from your choices as an individual as well as from your community, and it seems that more and more local authorities have accepted the challenge.

The results: the (very) best local authorities for recyling

So who then handles waste the best? Recycling Communities 2019, the annual report on best practice in the recycling revolution, rewards thirty more local authorities this year compared to last. This year there are 547 Waste Free Local Authorities (505 in 2018), where each member of the community produces a maximum of 75 kilos of dry waste per year. Among our provincial capitals, there are 3 towns that meet this Waste Free target: Treviso, Pordenone and Belluno.  An improvement, therefore, compared to 2018, but with no major changes overall: 294 of the best local authorities are in the North East of the country, where recycling seems to work better than in the central and south regions, thanks in most part to an effective collection and management system using a collaborative, door-to-door method of collection and prompt billing.

What can you do?

Overall, domestic waste production is still high: the report shows a figure of 487 kg/inhabitant/year. This is somewhat high, but it is also the starting point for improving the sector. “Although still inadequate, differentiated waste collection is the initial step in the process of overhauling the old waste disposal systems – said the Director General of Legambiente, Giorgio Zampetti – (…) for the hard work, commitment and the significance of the Waste Free Local Authorities results to become meaningful, we must work just as hard on closing the circle, on recycling and on the careful use of our raw materials”. Upcycling, recycling, zero waste… there are many ways in which you can choose, in your own small way, to take part in the most important game for the future of the Planet. Starting from the knowledge that every choice makes a difference. Palazzetti has chosen to make sustainability its cornerstone policy and, thanks to biomass heating, it is now possible to reduce combustion emissions. You too can take part in this change and make your home a key part in Italy’s shift to renewables, by going green without compromising on style, functionality and safety. Discover how with the eco-friendly products of Palazzetti!

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