Has the temperature plummeted before you could get ready for it? If the plants on your balcony have also reacted badly to this sudden change, you’re in the right place to solve this problem. Let’s follow all the right tips to brave the winter and protect our plants from the cold!

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How can you protect your plants from frost?

If you followed our advice for a blooming balcony last summer you should now get organised to protect your plants so that all your hard work is not thwarted by the arrival of icy-cold weather.

Icy, harsh temperatures can be a frightful enemy for your plants but if you protect them by following a few simple tips you will certainly keep them safe and sound all year long.


The Coldiretti handbook to protect your plants

Coldiretti , the National Federation of Italian Farmers, has decided to offer some useful advice. Here are some very handy tips to protect the plants on your balcony from the winter frost.

  1. Move your plants indoors.
  2. Stand your plants against the wall instead of the railings.
  3. If possible, move them to the south-facing side of the balcony.
  4. Instead of hanging or standing them up high,  place them on the floor where it is warmer.
  5. Put a sheet of polystyrene under the pots.
  6. Put smaller pots inside bigger ones, placing a layer of straw on the bottom and wood chips or some other material in the gap between the two pots.
  7. Cover the plants with non-woven fabric or, alternatively, with a sheet of plastic which, however, needs to be monitored with greater care.
  8. Keep the soil dry and water your plants as seldom as possible.
  9. Don’t let any water stagnate in flower pot saucers.
  10. Do not prune your plants.

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