4 days, 800 brands from Italy and from all over the world, more than 60,000 visitors: after two years Progetto Fuoco was back at the Verona exhibition grounds with attendance equal to the pre-Covid numbers.

Of course, we couldn’t miss this appointment where – every two years – we can present the industry with all our news regarding biomass heating and the outdoor cooking world.

As usual, we would like to run through the main novelties presented at the event.


Firebox T3

The new T3 firebox is a real revolution in the pellet heating world. It’s a high-tech “engine” that offers lots of advantages: quieter ducting, cleaning time cut down by 50% thanks to our Speedy Clean technology and – last but not least – a 5-star environmental performance rating.

T3 is available in two versions: with a total combustion burn pot or a static one.

The total combustion burn pot was presented at Progetto Fuoco with Vivienne, a perfectly-round pellet stove that is exceptionally elegant! It contains the Complete Burning System a technology that totally burns pellets and ash, producing the most heat possible with the least possible waste. The size of the system is moderate and it offers a spectacular view of the fire (+37%).

The T3 firebox with a full combustion burn pot also features our Self Cleaning System, an exclusive Palazzetti technology that guarantees complete, constant and automatic burn pot cleaning.

The static cast iron burn pot, presented with the Clelia and Nadine stoves, has been totally redesigned: it is deeper and comes with air injectors studied for multiphase combustion. The result is a more natural, softer and more encompassing view of the fire, paired with maximum performance.

Ecopalex GTM

Ecopalex® GTM

The new Ecopalex GTM brings together all the most innovative technologies we have developed over the years for our wood-fired products. It’s a range of inserts featuring greater heat output, less harmful emissions and a 5-star Environmental Performance rating.

Thanks to the three different sizes available (70, 80 and 90) and to its clean lines, Ecopalex® GTM can adapt to any planning requirement.

Il nuovo barbecue Oreste


Oreste is a complete cooking system for outdoors that heats the barbecue and the oven with a single fire. It features an elegant and functional workstation and includes a lava stone grill, a wood oven, two practical worktops and a firewood niche.

By controlling the combustion air as well as the exiting flue gases it is possible to accurately manage temperatures and cooking times: ideal for quick and slow cooking using the least possible amount of wood.

Spazio ai giovani con l’hackathon!

On 5th May Progetto Fuoco hosted an inside event: a hackathon involving 6 groups of IUAV (Venice’s University of Architecture) students, lead by professors from SMACT – Competence Center of northeast Italy.

We awarded two projects designed to be installed in gardens.

The barbecue presented by the first group P1 (Elisabetta Crepaldi, Fabio Ferrulli, Valentina Filosa, Annarita Morisco and Nikita Qahalliu) won our award for the Applicability of its design: a modular, S-shaped system with a space for the barbecue and seating for guests, creating from cement and bent sheet metal.

Group P2 (Ludovica Bellussi, Lisa Bortoletto, Sovan Brigati, Elisa Venturini and Paola Ziero) won our Innovation award thanks to their eastern-style outdoor cooking system which places the cook in communication with clients.

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