We are on the north-eastern coast of Naples, in Giugliano, a town just 800 metres from the sea. An olive tree welcomes us into the garden, a freshly-painted villa stands before us and we are surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub, a million light years away from the fast-paced life of the city.

Each piece of furniture has been chosen with care and artistically positioned: the interior décor is a tribute to design. The star of the living room, standing out from all the other furniture, is a fireplace that houses our Sunny Fire firebox.

We talked about it with architect Antonio Di Maro who helped us look into every detail of this project.

One project, one inspiration

Who could be savvier about a home than the architect who designed it? As is often the case, Antonio Di Maro got his inspiration from his surroundings.

From the very beginning, I imaged a house that was in total harmony with the marvellous Mediterranean backdrop around it.

A building without barriers dividing the inside from the outside. 

A space in which people could walk barefoot on blue and white surfaces.

A place made from myriads of natural essences typical of the amazing Mediterranean scrub: a place within a place.

I imaged soft, white drapery gently billowing at sunset.

I imaged walls that could contain the colours of the sea, of the sun, of the bougainvilleas and of the oleanders; a home open to the scent of eucalyptus and jasmine in the spring and of rosemary and laurel in the winter.

I imagined a white building asking  – in an unpretentious, courteous and peace-loving manner – the magnificent Mediterranean landscape if it could borrow a small space. 

Why this firebox was chosen

We asked architect Di Maro a few questions – to which he replied kindly and accurately – about why he decided to choose this firebox.

Why did you decide on this heating appliance?  

Because of the importance of a firebox’s function, the material it is made of and the heat-distribution it is in charge of, this appliance was one of the aspects I carefully considered from the very beginning of my project.

Why did you choose a Palazzetti appliance? Because of the quality, efficiency and long-term reliability of the company’s stoves and fireplaces; to tell you the honest truth my design studio has always and only (ever since my father began running this studio) relied on Palazzetti. I would also like to add that this company’s After-Sales Centres offer excellent service and this is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Besides its function, what other purpose does a heating appliance have in a room?  

The first thing I chose when planning the interior décor of this villa was the fireplace and its position.

As well as its typical function, in our opinion a fireplace is synonymous with togetherness, conviviality and warmth.

This fireplace has three glass sides and cleverly separates the living room from the kitchen while heating both. Moreover, it divides the room it is installed in exactly halfway along the wall. This creates the right depth of field, preventing anyone entering the room from finding themselves facing a long, flat, white wall at the back.

Secondarily, the chimney also offers the practical function of housing the utility connections that link the ground floor to the first and second floors.

The chosen product: Sunny Fire 56 3D

For this Mediterranean home project we chose a Monoblocco wood-burning firebox called Sunny Fire 56 3D. This Thermofix firebox is ideal for those who prioritise design: thanks to the large panoramic glass door that provides a three-sided view of the fire, it is the undisputed star of this fireplace.

And for those who really love tradition, the door can simply disappear, revealing an open fire.

Sunny Fire 56 3D can even be fitted with a special, load-bearing frame that also has an aesthetic purpose, fitting perfectly flush with any cladding you may choose.