Our Meghan stoveis one of the winners of the Green Good Design® Award 2021! We can now add this prize to the previously-issued Ecodesign 2022 certificate as proof of the comprehensive innovation of its cutting-edge technology.  We would now like to tell you what this award is about and why this Palazzetti product has an authentically green soul.

The Green Good Design® 2021 award

The Green Good Design® award was founded on the collaboration between The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies to present the best new products – designed with a focus on environmental sustainability— on the market.

Hundreds of products from 28 different countries took part in the contest this year, stemming from the interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning sectors and many more.

Our Ecofire Meghan pellet stove, designed by the Marcharch Studio was one of the well-deserving, top-ranking winners amongst the products that stood out for their excellent energy efficiency. Let’s find out what makes it so sustainable together!

Meghan is an ecological stove

It truly is a cutting-edge stove that lets you consume less and save more, all characteristics that rightly give it an A+ energy rating and satisfy the strict European Ecodesign 2022 regulations. These results are made possible by using innovative technologies.

First and foremost, our Upper Smoke Technology i.e. the top coaxial flue gas outlet that heats the combustion air before it reaches the combustion chamber.

It also features dual combustion that guarantees very high heat outputs and a reduction in polluting emissions.

Another environmentally-friendly technology is our star system that delivers a constant and regular amount of pellets during combustion to ensure the highest efficiency possible paired with the lowest harmful emissions.

What does this means for the user? The advantages can be summed up in three, simple points:

  • Lower consumptions
  • Remarkable savings
  • Environmental friendliness

Check out all the characteristics of our Meghan stove

Palazzetti’s green soul

As well as being ecological and extremely functional, Meghan stands out for its modern design and perfectly embodies our long-standing goal: to deliver beautiful and efficient products that respect nature.

This product’s sustainability is the umpteenth proof of our green soul. We use only durable materials that guarantee a long life to our products and which, in turn, results in less waste. Even our factory is green: solar panels are our main source of energy and we heat our offices using the energy produced by our laboratory tests.

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