January is the month of returning, it signals the time to go back to work after a wonderful (and well deserved) break during the Christmas holidays. During the past few days of celebration my kitchen – thanks to endless dinners out and the leisurely happy hours of the holidays – has also enjoyed a well-earned rest.

Today I go back to work, armed with creativity in one hand and cleverness in the other, to tell you about a pork fillet with apple recipe that is unrivalled.

This meat course is perhaps the one that has given me the most confidence in the kitchen. A real ace up my sleeve: a tasty and appetizing main course which will dazzle your dinner guests and make a wonderful impression without you having to spend hours in front of the stove.

Pork fillet: a pleasure to get to know each other better

Let’s get to know this cut of meat better given that it is considered – and rightly so – the most delicious part of the animal. We are talking about the most tender and softest part of the pig, a characteristic that makes the fillet one of the most appreciated and popular cuts. It goes well with a whole host of different recipes satisfying even the most refined palates.

Unlike beef or veal fillet, pork fillet is smaller in size: its weight is usually around half a kilo and so for this reason it is very common to roast, grill or bake it whole.

In today’s recipe our succulent pork fillet will be wrapped in bacon, combined in a marriage of love with the sweet and tangy taste of apple. The preparation of this meat dish is – despite its sophisticated appearance – very simple and quick.

Just follow the recipe carefully to obtain perfect results, worthy of a chef in just a few easy steps! Pork is a meat that, in the interests of good hygiene, needs be cooked correctly. It should never be eaten rare due to the presence of parasites and bacteria which are dangerous to our health. On the other hand however, it is essential not to overcook the meat too much, to avoid it becoming dry and tough.

So, ready to join us in making pork fillet with apple? Here’s the step-by-step recipe!

Filetto di maiale alle mele: la ricetta

Pork fillet with apple: the recipe

INGREDIENTS (serves 6)

  • 1 kg of pork fillet
  • 150 gr of sliced rolled bacon
  • 150 ml of red table wine
  • 100 ml of vegetable stock
  • half a teaspoon of potato starch
  • one teaspoon of chestnut honey
  • an apple (I recommend the Pink Lady variety)
  • fresh rosemary and ground black pepper as desired
  • extra virgin olive oil, butter and salt as desired


  1. Peel the apple and cut it into fairly chunky slices. Then sauté them in a pan over a high heat together with a knob of butter, a pinch of salt and a pinch of ground black pepper. Once softened and golden – a few minutes will be enough – put them aside and keep them warm.
  2. Cut the pork fillet into 12 pieces of similar thickness.
  3. Wrap them one at a time in the bacon. Do this: cut the bacon along the line of fat, you’ll get a sort of “ribbon”, perfect for wrapping around the pieces of fillet.
  4. Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a non-stick pan and a sprig of rosemary. Once seasoned, remove the herb and brown the pork fillet pieces on all sides, starting with the edge wrapped in bacon. If you can, I suggest doing this step on the barbecue (check out our website to choose the best Palazzetti solution from a whole host of different cooking systems!) and then finish off the preparation on the stove as described in the following steps. In this way the meat will brown perfectly, releasing even more of its aromas and flavours.
  5. Once the meat has browned, season with salt and add red wine. Turn the pieces ensuring that they absorb the flavours on all sides.
  6. Allow the wine to evaporate and finish off by turning the meat for a few minutes. In my opinion, the optimal temperature for pork fillet is 69°C in the centre. To obtain perfectly cooked meat which is not too rare, but not too well-done to avoid becoming dry and tough – I recommend using a cooking thermometer.
  7. To serve this dish, create a bed of hot apple and place two pieces of fillet pieces on top.
  8. Quickly, melt the teaspoon of honey and starch in a serving spoonful of broth. Return the pan with the meat sauces to the stove and add the broth mixture. Stir and wait a few moments and watch a sauce “form” in an instant. Turn off the heat, and drizzle the fillet with the hot sauce.

Your pork fillet with apple is ready to be served. Bon appetit!

Filetto di maiale alle mele: la ricetta
Filetto di maiale alle mele: la cottura perfetta

Image credits: Sara Cartelli

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