Unfortunately, since the outset of 2020, there has been a lot of bad news about the environment. From fires devastating Australia to – back in Italy – high levels of particulates  – the now ill-famed PM10 – that have exceeded safety limits in many Italian towns and in particular all over the Po Valley.

Mild weather and the absence of wind and rain have set the alarm off: tolerance margins have been extensively exceeded and attempts are being made to remedy this by issuing traffic restriction orders and prohibiting the lighting of stoves and fireplaces that do not meet specific requirements.

In Pistoia, for instance, “a local government order prohibits the use of wood in open fireplaces or traditional stoves in homes if there are alternative heating systems in place”. This restriction – although for a very short period of just 4 days – makes it obvious that something must be done.

What is Palazzetti doing?

Since our very foundation, in all our projects we at Palazzetti have always focused on protecting the environment. Our products have always used cutting-edge technology to save energy and to have the least possible impact on the environment that surrounds us.

That’s the real thing to focus on.

Is it true that wood and pellet appliances pollute the environment?

Since not all products are the same, it depends: old appliances can definitely be included amongst the causes of pollution although they use renewable energy sources. That’s why they cannot be used during a pollution crisis.

This is not true for products that are at least 4-star rated (or to Ecodesign 2022 products): combustion emissions are reduced by up to 80% so that they perfectly respect the environment. It’s no chance that legislation in Italy allows you to scrap an old stove (or fireplace) and replace it with a new-generation product with a saving of up to 65% on its cost.

Find out how choosing a Palazzetti product can give you a warm, cosy home at all times, even when your local government would normally prohibited its use.

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1. A new generation of pellet products

The AriaPulita certification is the document by which we guarantee the best quality standards. AIEL (the Italian Agroforestry Energy Association) classifies stoves and fireplaces on a scale that goes from 2 to 5 stars, where 5 stars means excellent.

The products we have perfected in recent years have all obtained a 4 to 5-star rating for their reduced emissions, improved performances and lower costs.

Are you looking for a pellet appliance for your stove?
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2. Environmentally-friendly wood-burning fireboxes

If you love the sound of fire crackling in your fireplace, our Ecomonoblocco WT and Ecopalex range of fireboxes are the right choice for you.

These products already comply with Ecodesign 2022, a set of eco-compatible design regulations that will be in force as of 2020 in the 28 countries of the EU and in all EES countries. What does that mean? Simply put, these fireboxes allow you to light your fireplace without restrictions even when local government regulations prohibit it due to an increase in particulates.

It’s easier than it seems to make over your malfunctioning, polluting fireplace. Moreover, as well as being beneficial for the environment there is no need to change the masonry work of your home to install it. You may even save thanks to energy-efficiency tax incentives!

Discover all the Ecodesign 2022 certified wood-burning fireboxes.

How the O2Ring device works               

3. O2Ring technology

Do you already have a Palazzetti fireplace that you don’t want to change? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you too.

Our O2Ring technologycan be applied to any Monoblocco model already in your possession to reduce polluting agents (carbon monoxide and particulates) present in combustion gases by 80%.

It’s easy to clean and durable as well as operating without electricity!

Moreover, by installing our O2Ring you will also upgrade the certification rating of your fireplace or stove so that it complies with new legislations: no more enduring cold days because of a PM10 pollution crisis!

Find out more about O2Ring and the models it can be installed on.

We do our best every day to design products that meet the challenges of the environment and of modern life.The nextstepis up to each and every one of us. 

To work together for a cleaner world is not only our duty, it is a necessity.

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