According to the theory of Garden Therapy, plants improve mood. Or rather, gardening helps reduce anxiety, stress and nervous tension, thus decreasing the risk of depression. Only outdoors? No, because apparently even taking care of a small balcony or house plant can have health benefits.

Everyone agrees on one thing: a lush plant can make a positive contribution to the aesthetics of any room, even the most intimate ones such as the bathroom.

How to position plants in the bathroom

In a small bathroom, a single plant, perhaps with a pot in the same style as the surrounds is sufficient; or you can exploit a high ceiling, placing a creeper on the highest shelf to create a focal point.

In larger spaces it is possible to give space to the imagination, creating veritable mosaics of plants that dialogue with each other from different points in the room. In this case it’s advisable to place your plants – of different species – at various heights to make the design more dynamic.

As always, the important thing is not to overdo it: although they are not dangerous to health (on the contrary, they regulate humidity and purify the air!), too many plants in the same room can create a feeling of claustrophobia.

Which plants to keep in the bathroom?

From an aesthetic point of view there are innumerable plants suitable for the bathroom which can be chosen according to shape, size or leaf colour. However, we need to consider certain limitations:

  • high humidity levels
  • the need to position plants away from radiators (or other heat sources such as towel heaters or electric heaters)
  • the intensity of natural light, which must be sufficient without being direct, especially during the hottest hours of the day

Succulents are mainly suitable, because apart from being easy to care for they can absorb water from the air effortlessly and do not need too much light. Aloe Vera (like Sanseveria) adapts quickly to the environment and is said to help relieve stress.

Ferns and ivy can also survive well in the bathroom: their effect will be that of a spa, especially if the leaves fall on the edge of the mirror or near the glass of the shower cubicle. Be careful, however, because they require a little extra care.

Photo by Michael C su Unsplash

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