Green, green, green….. and green again. Or would you prefer to call it ecological? No matter how you call it, “botanical” furniture, all the range in 2017, will definitely be the trend for interior design in 2018 as well. Greenery extends from plants to other decorative interiors and embellishes walls, fabrics and design objects. piante interior design - piante grasse in bocce vetro The success of plants in interior design probably depends on their great ability to remarkably modify the appearance of a home without having to make drastic changes to the furniture. The right plant is all you need to add a fresh look to your home and create your own special sanctuary to relax in.

Which plant should you choose?

For those who naturally have green fingers we suggest the Boston Fern, which is quite a demanding plant to look after but has desirable qualities that go beyond its beauty. This plant with luxuriant, ornamental leaves efficiently purifies rooms from pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Other, less demanding, plants that fight pollution and are perfect even for small, poorly-lit rooms are the Indian rubber fig, the Dragon plant, the miniature Date Palm plant and the Japanese Peace Lily.   These exotic plants will give a fresh look to any interior décor. An unusual decorative plant for interiors is the Common Ivy although its beauty and versatility makes it perfect for various fun and decorative solutions. To really desperate, ungifted plant lovers we recommend the Pothos or the Viper’s bowstring hemp plant; very strong, sturdy plants that don’t even need to be watered regularly. If you want to add a special touch to small rooms, plants like Aloe or the common Asparagus fern are just what you need. In this case the decorative effect will mainly depend on choosing the right pot. Selecting the right container for your plant is essential to make sure it enhances its surroundings, becoming a perfect interior design asset. You can choose between refined complementary items or fun ideas made of recycled materials. To add a novel touch to your home simply let your creativity loose.

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