As it does every year, Pinterest has analysed the searches of its more than 400 million users to find out in advance which trends will govern the year that has just begun. The result is the Pinterest Predicts 2023 report, a cross-section of the most up-and-coming trends of recent months, from furniture to food, fashion to beauty.

Which ones will last until December? Let’s find out together what to expect from the world of interior design!

Shower mon amour

Shower or bathtub? The year 2023 will focus on practicality, but not too much. If, on the one hand, we find design-related searches (“Shower ideas without a door” +110%, “Dream open showers” +395%), on the other a need linked to wellbeing also seems to be growing, with “Bathroom spa at home” at +190%.

Let’s all get ready for a little extra pampering, in no hurry.

Stunning entrances

Porches, verandas, front gardens and purpose-built furniture: the entrance will no longer be a simple door, but a real calling card for those who live there.

The furnishings chosen range from rustic to industrial, with one common feature: the colours chosen are natural, such as sand, beige and a wide range of wood tones.

Nuovo focolare Ecomonoblocco WT Palazzetti
Ecomonoblocco WT firebox with Sistiana cladding

“Hipstoric” style, where modern and retro co-exist

Antique meets contemporary (+530%), with the aim of creating an eclectic style made unique with vintage features (+850%). In 2023, Generation Z will set to work to create spaces that can accommodate pieces inherited by Boomers (their grandparents or parents) along with the latest in the world of design.

The choice completely abandons the clutter-free Nordic style in favour of a maximalist approach: pictures, frames and a multitude of books adorn the walls, while furnishing accessories crowd every free corner.

To define this trend, the Pinterest team has chosen the term hipstoric, a play on words created by combining hipster (those who try in every way to look different, often falling into “alternative” trends) and storic (in reference to the vintage elements of the furniture).

Mush-rooms (and fantasy)

Mushrooms as a home interior idea? Apparently so, with a +170% in the search for ‘mushroom-inspired fantasy art’. In addition to the play on words (mush + room), in this case there is also a reference to Alice in Wonderland and her magic mushrooms.

The trend is indeed very broad and ranges from eccentric furnishings (+695%) to weirdcore style bedrooms (+540%). This particular aesthetic, very popular in the early 2000s, is not defined by the smoking of joints but by a common goal: to create fairy-tale and surrealist spaces that seem to have come straight out of a Dali painting or a children’s fairy tale. A true escape from reality.

Which of these trends will survive until the end of the year? For now, we can’t say, but we do have some data: Pinterest Predicts are right 80% of the time!

Quale di queste tendenze sopravviverà fino a fine anno? Per ora non possiamo dirlo, ma qualche dato lo abbiamo: i Pinterest Predicts azzeccano le previsioni nell’80% dei casi!

Foto cover by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

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