Have you always wanted a barbecue but can’t find the right place for a permanent installation? Don’t’ worry, with our gas barbecues you can make your wish come true by simply moving your BBQ around to suit your space requirements!

Let us help you find the product that best meets your needs!

The advantages of a gas barbecue

Serial BBQ lovers have always known this: the right equipment is essential for optimal results! We all have our own methods, habits and small secrets but a serious griller knows that the best results are based on choosing the perfect BBQ.

Many prefer the advantages of a gas barbecue…..let’s see if this includes you!

Cooking on the Gioia BBQ
  • Castors to move it around on. Thanks to its nomadic soul, you can change its position depending on the space available and whether you need to take cater for the vicinity of neighbours. You can even store it away in your garage during the winter months and take it out again at the beginning of the BBQ season. Another advantage? You can take it with you if you move so that it will always be by your side!
  • It’s easy to use. It’s really simple to operate because it works just like your kitchen hob! No need to tackle firewood or charcoal, simply concentrate on choosing the best meats and creating your secret BBQ sauce to amaze friends and relatives.
  • Healthy, wholesome cooking. By using a griddle (available in various materials such as steel, soapstone and cast iron) you can make low-fat recipes. You can use your gas BBQ all year round, preparing excellent light dishes (for more info read the article I vantaggi della cottura con plancha a gas – (the advantages of cooking on a gas plancha grill).
  • It’s quick and easy to clean. Our stainless steel gas BBQ is easy to clean: by following a few, simple tips it will look brand new for a long time.
  • Low fuel costs. You can choose the size of the gas cylinder depending on your requirements, reducing fuel costs to a minimum.

Even more advantages with a Palazzetti BBQ

Do you think a gas barbecue is just right for you?

bbq Palazzetti  (Palazzetti BBQs) are high-quality products featuring excellent aesthetics and functions.

All our gas barbecues are in stainless steel and are provided with castors. Moreover, they can be integrated with a vast range of optional accessories to complete them to suit your needs:  metal grills, soapstone griddles, rotisseries in various sizes and lots of tools to turn you into a real BBQ expert!

If, on the other hand, you want to create a real outdoor kitchen, you can request our free planning service and –  until 31st July –   take advantage of our Promozione barbecue 2020 (2020 barbecue promotion). It’s the perfect opportunity to make your dream come true!


Alain gas barbecue in metal

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