Pellets or wood? Wood or pellets? Choosing how to heat your home is quite a delicate task (we have, in fact, already talked about this).

Two aspects initially influence this choice:  What type of person are you? Where do you live?

Yes, your personality and the place you live in are the first things to keep in mind. For instance: is listening to the sound of a crackling log fire important to you? Or are you a very practical person who is not at all interested in that?

One of these fuels must be chosen after you have carefully analysed the situation. We will now give you all the variables you need to consider in order to make the best possible choice.

In the first place, it’s important to point out what wood and pellets have in common: they are both ecological fuels. Used with our range of fireplaces and stoves, they both guarantee a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

The AriaPulita certification awarded to all our products bears witness to the great attention we always pay to everything that surrounds us. It also clearly confirms our 100% green outlook.

Legna o Pellet? Palazzetti offre soluzioni per tutte le esigenze.

Why choose firewood: pros and cons

Wood has various pros and cons.

In the first place you must carefully consider where you live. 

If you live in a flat in town (or your house does not have spaces that can be adapted for storage purposes) wood is probably not the best choice for you. This type of fuel has to be stored in specific places that are easy to access and/or not too far from the stove or fireplace.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Cost is another aspect that should not be underestimated. If you live in the countryside and have your own trees your firewood may cost very little or even be free. In this case it would definitely be better for you than pellets.

The view of a beautiful, bright fire, its crackling sound and its burning hot coals brings timeless charm with it. 

Sitting in front of the fireplace in the winter, benefiting from the warm embrace of a fire, really is an unmatchable experience. If you’re the type of person who is ready to overlook practicality of use in favour of living a more enthralling, all-round experience, firewood is definitely for you.

Legna o Pellet? Palazzetti offre soluzioni per tutte le esigenze.

Why choose pellets: pros and cons

The first and foremost characteristic of pellet products is their ease of use. Pellet fireplaces or stoves are more practical than those that burn wood for fuel.

Contrarily to wood, pellets can be stored without the need for specific spaces because they are sold in practical bags. So, if your home isn’t very big, pellet appliances are your best choice.

One of the reasons why pellet stoves and fireplaces are becoming so popular on the market is that they are fully automatic.

With a pellet stove you can programme when to turn it on or off, its temperature, its fan speed and lots of other functions too. In addition to this, pellets are automatically fed into the burn pot, making even this task easy for the user.

Although there are many advantages, to make the right choice we must also weight up any disadvantages. There aren’t many, but let’s take a look at them. For example, what if there is a power blackout in the winter? 

Since pellet stoves and fireplaces are connected to the electric power supply, there is a real risk of not being able to heat your home or benefit from hot water.

The fire is definitely dimmer and less spectacular than that of a log fire but, if you focus on practicality, this will definitely not be a problem for you.

We have given you some advice on aspects to consider when making such an important choice for your home. Now it’s your turn!

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