When you think about the convenience of an object, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? To us it’s undoubtedly simplicity of use, which is why we always focus on trying to make our products easy and intuitive to use.

We made a convenient App available free of charge a few years ago with which you can control our pellet stoves from your smartphone. It allows you to switch your stove on and off, control the temperature and all the other functions of your stove.

Con Palazzetti Vox controlli tutte le stufe a pellet provviste di Connection Box
Palazzetti Vox controls all pellet stoves provided with a Connection Box

What is Palazzetti Vox and what does it do?

Palazzetti Vox is a new technology that allows you to control your stove with your voice using devices equipped with the Alexa* voice assistant (such a Amazon Echo).

Just say “Turn the stove on” and, low and behold, your room will start to warm up as if by magic. Convenient isn’t it?

Con Alexa e Palazzetti Vox controlli la tua stufa a pellet con la tua voce!
Thanks to Alexa* and Palazzetti Vox you can control your pellet stove with your voice!

Here’s a practical example: you’re relaxing on your sofa and you realise it’s too hot. You will neither have to get up nor use our App. Just say “I’m hot” and the stove’s set temperature will be lowered by 1 degree.

Palazzetti Vox allows you to do various things by just using your voice: you can turn the stove on and off, find out how many pellets are left or enquire about daily/weekly/monthly consumptions.

You can also: increase or reduce the temperature, increase or reduce the power of the fire or the fan speed.

The main advantage offered by Palazzetti Vox is its simplicity and user friendliness.

How can you use Palazzetti Vox?

Three things need to be in place to use Palazzetti Vox in your home:

  • A pellet stove or fireplace with a Connection Box;
  • A device provided with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa*;
  • Our Palazzetti APP on your smartphone.

Configuring Palazzetti Vox is child’s play. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Install the Palazzetti APP on your smartphone, register and activate remote control from outdoors;
  2. Go to Amazon Store and install the Palazzetti skill on the device that uses Alexa*;
  3. Connect the Palazzetti skill to your Palazzetti account

And remember: Palazzetti Vox doesn’t just control the latest models; it also manages all our pellet stoves and fireplaces provided with a Connection Box.

How much have you contributed to protecting the environment?

We are sure that you have a very green heart and, thanks to Palazzetti Vox, you can now find out how green it really is!

In fact, Palazzetti Vox lets you discover how much Co2 you have spared the planet by using your stove.

*Alexa is a brand belonging to, Inc. or to its subsidiaries.



13 October 2021 - 20:03

I cannot find any Palazzetti Skill in the Amazon store has it been withdrawn?

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