Since we launched our Palazzetti App four years ago we have never stopped working on it. Investing in Research & Development means improving day after day to offer a product that meets customer requirements to an increasingly greater degree.

Not just in terms of the actual product but also for as much as regards auxiliary services.

This is the basic idea behind the Palazzetti APP, an innovative product that evolves with the market and grows with technology thanks to the continuous feedback of our customers who use it day in, day out.  The 4.0 version arrived in 2018 and is as useful as ever before, but much more efficient.

What makes it so unique?

The features of Palazzetti App 4.0

1 – Interface: a simple, user-friendly approach

The most noticeable update in the 4.0 version is its modern and elegant graphics, although the fundamental element is the structure of its contents.

We have “studied” our customers’ habits to offer a more practical interface that is easier to use. The step-by-step instructions make the App very simple even for those who are not used to digital devices!

2 – Programming: more room for personal requirements

Just like every person has his own needs, every home has its unique features. For the product to follow the habits of each customer, greater freedom to programme the stove is required.

This is now possible thanks to a programming mode that can perfectly adapt to your needs. Operating hours, temperatures, timer: quickly and easily create your perfect scenario!

3 – AirPro 2 and 3 technology

Would you like to control the various fans in your stove directly from your smartphone? Now you can thanks to the 4.0 version of our APP: this updated version includes an upgraded control method for products featuring Air Pro 2 and 3 technology!

One click and you’re done.

5 – And if my stove is not that new?

We haven’t forgotten about those who believed in our technologies from the very start. Our APP 4.0 is the perfect interface for first generation products as well.

Same product, upgraded controls.

6 – Unsurpassable versatility of use.

All our stove functions can still be controlled from the digital control panel on the actual stove or by means of a traditional remote control.

7 – More than just pellets

As of this year, the Palazzetti App controls our wood-burning products as well: for all those who love tradition but also want the advantages that only superior technology can offer.

Where do I go to download my Palazzetti App 4.0?

Check out our Android App:

Check out our iOS App:

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